Galway's Rising Star- Top Performers (June Month Offers Achievers)
Created on 2023-08-22 15:29:47 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

This is dedicated to the Top 2 (RD/SD/ED) Direct Sellers Achievers, who have earned the highest amount of check by becoming Top Performers at National Level in the month of June 2023. Many congratulations to all of you from the Galway family on this success.

1. Nanda Behra (RD)- ABP924AJ

Nanda Behra, who resides in Cuttack, Odisha, is currently holding the RD (Regional Director) rank in Galway business, but his aspirations always reach for the sky of success. He used to work as a machine operator in Tamil Nadu before joining the Galway business. Despite working hard all day, he only earned enough to make ends meet. During this time, when he returned to his home in Odisha, a friend introduced him to the Galway business. After seeing the business presentation, he liked it and since then, he has been on a journey of continuous success with sheer hard work.

He operates his Galway business through retailing and one-to-one interactions. He has placed a photo of his dream car, the Hyundai Creta, on the wall of his home, and he has promised himself that he will bring it home through his Galway business by 2024.

2. Ramanand Kumar Rajbhar (RD) - DPA153AC

The path to success is never easy, it is full of difficulties and struggle and the one who crosses that path is called a winner. When Ramanand Kumar of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, who lived his life on this line, got the support of Galway business, he was disappointed from everywhere. Before starting the Galway business, Ramanand ji used to work as a daily wage laborer in Rajasthan. When there was a lockdown in the country, after disappointment from everywhere, he got the support of Galway. Today he is moving forward on the path of success through retailing. He says that before Galway business, he has to get a luxurious house built in his Ballia.

3. Harpreet Singh (SD)-  SNP223AA

Before Galway business, I used to work in banking sector, earlier I used to do part time Galway business, now I do it full time. I really liked the business plan and LCC of Galway. I used to work on retailing and one to one because of which I am climbing the stairs of success. I have promised myself that by the end of this year, I will earn a check of one lakh from Galway Business and buy Mahindra's Bolero top model car.

4. Dolamani Dhamel (SD) - SUN865AR

When Dolamani Dhamel started Galway business with the spirit of doing something in life, he did not even think that he would get success in this business more than expected. Hailing from Talasara village in Sundarbans district of Orissa, Dolamani was shown the way to the Galway business by his friend. He says that the support of my upline and the training system of Galway supports me every step of the way when I start wavering.

5. Raunak (ED) - LKO878AD

Unless a work is done with passion, that work seems impossible. But when the same work is done with full dedication and hard work, then even an ordinary person becomes a successful businessman. This thing fits perfectly on Raunak, a resident of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He says I am from a normal family but I have made a promise to myself that I will show the world something, earn so much money that the world will salute me. I have full faith in my company Galway and the system here that one day I will shine as a star of success in the sky of success.

6. Sunil Kumar Behra (ED) - GTI502CH

The beginning may be small, but if you have big intentions in your heart, then the day is not far when you will go to the pinnacle of success and hoist the flag of your success. Sunil Kumar Behra, who hails from Odisha, has also entered the Galway business with the same intention. He says that my dreams are big and the passion to make them come true is also big, even though I am at the initial level today, but I am sure that one day I will proudly come on stage with a check of lakhs.