Distributor of the month - Dinesh Kumar Sahu (LDD)
Created on 2023-06-22 16:12:18 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

The stubbornness to make dreams come true by considering the struggles as a challenge, the skill to live up to the ethical values of business and the passion to make himself as well as his team a role model of success, has made LDD Dinesh Kumar Sahu the Distributor of the Month of Galway Business. The success story of Dinesh Kumar teaches every Galwian that if you keep walking on the moral path of hard work and effort, you will achieve success and the world will be proud of your success. Actually, the secret of Dinesh Kumar's success is hidden in his struggle story. Let’s understand the inspiring story of him achieving the Distributor of the Month position, in his own words.

I was born in a very poor family where I lived in a joint family. Father used to work in agriculture. However, the harvest from the fields was not sufficient. The family could barely manage to eat and drink for the whole year, and had to struggle for the rest of the needs. I used to dream a lot since childhood, but those childhood dreams succumbed to the family's poverty and could never muster the courage to fulfill them.The key to making dreams come true

When Dinesh Kumar was still studying in the village, his maternal uncle told him about the Galway business, which he found to be a super combo of time and money freedom. It was then that he realized that the Galway business was the key to making his dreams come true.

Do Business ethically

Today I am doing business with hard work and ethical way by making a target with my team, closely understanding the training model of Galway Business. I pay special attention to retailing and am always alert about the benefits of my team.

When I started Galway Business

When I joined Galway Business, I had no idea at that time that I was going to create a new chapter of success. Because neither the family condition was good nor there was any big capital in hand. Dinesh says that the education system and senior support of Galway Business were the two rudders that steered my wavering future boat to the golden shores of success.

I understood the company's system closely and came to know why my family is poor. It was here that I came to know about leveraged income which offers freedom of time and money. The support system of the Senior leaders instilled a new confidence in me, as if this business was made only for me. I decided that now I will do this business in a better way and turn my dreams into reality.

Inspired by Chetan Sir

Our Founder-Director Mr. Chetan Sir also says that success first grows in thinking and then it takes a concrete form. That's why the seed of achieving something big should be sown in your thinking. That's why I elevated my thinking and resolved that I will create a separate identity for myself.

Took up the challenges

We have to face challenges at every stage of life. I also had to struggle to reach the heights of success in Galway Business but did not give up and got the courage to face difficulties under the guidance of my seniors.

Got the taste of success

Then the day arrived in the Galway business for which I had worked so hard. I got promotion to Star LDD level in 2020. Before coming to Galway business, I used to think that how will I earn one thousand rupees a month. But today, due to the Galway business, I give 70 to 80 thousand rupees as GST to the government. All this has been possible thanks to Galway Business.

Galway business made me a big brand

Before joining Galway business, I had no idea what brand power was. When I used and retailed Galway products after taking proper training, then I realized that due to this brand I have become a super brand of success. Today, with the power of the Galway brand, I, my family and every member of my team have become a brand of success.

There are more dreams

All the dreams that I had as a child came true thanks to the Galway business. But this is what I learned to give open sky to dreams and give shape to new dreams. Today I have a wonderful car KIA-SONET but now want to buy an Audi car. I have an ancestral house, but with my earnings, I want to build a luxurious house of my dreams in the capital Delhi. I am sure that all the dreams of Galway Business me and my team will come true.

Achievements at a glance -

Trainer Award -Dolphin award
Achievement - KIA-SONET
Biggest Dream- Luxury house worth crores in Delhi and Audi car
Foreign trip - Thailand trip 2022
Power of Training - Team and leadership strengthened in Power House
One to One & Retailing Booster – LCC
Secret of success- Galway Brand
My Team- My Strength- Always respect your Senior and do Galway business ethically
Next Big Target- Star GDD Promotion
Message for the team- Don't just be a successful distributor, be a successful leader. Be a role model for your team.
Success mantra- Negative thinking brings destruction and positive thinking brings growth. Decide for yourself what you want.