Special Winners of ‘Galway ke Shoorveer‘
Created on 2022-07-27 15:46:22 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Recently, the 'Shoorveer of Galway' event was held in a grand ceremony at Delhi's Five Star Hotel. During this, hundreds of Galwians from across the country won the Delhi Trip Offer and proved why Galwians is another name for Winner. All these winners not only won Achievers Certificates, health and business talk shows during the event but also celebrated this memorable win with fellow winners Galwians. There were some names among these winners who are worthy of special mention. Among the winners we are going to tell about, there are many who have made Galway business a family business, some are doing wonders as a father-son duo. Let's know about some such special winners.

South's Achievers Family who made it Family business
Parimisetty Sivasankar of South has made Galway family by joining his entire family with Galway. In his family, his mother's father and he himself are the distributors of Galway and all of them have achieved Delhi trip. The happy moments came when Parimisetty Sivasankar came on stage with the whole family and everyone was given a certificate. Parimisetty Sivasankar told that it was his dream that he must travel by air with the whole family and this dream has been fulfilled by Galway business.

The Fabulous winner Jodi of Father & Son
Ram Kanabhai from Gujarat and his father both achieved the Galway Delhi trip and came together on stage and received certificates from director Sarabjeet Singh Arneja. Ram told that his heartfelt wish was to get his father to travel by air and stay in a five-star hotel and today his wish has been fulfilled due to Galway business.

Proud Galwians Couple of Maharashtra
Madhuri Khadke from Maharashtra and her husband Santosh Khadke were one such couple who achieved a trip to Delhi together. When this Marathi couple reached the stage, a wave of enthusiasm ran through the whole event with thunderous applause. Madhuri said that this is her and her husband's first air journey. My first dream was to travel by airplane and stay in a five-star hotel with my husband, which got fulfilled today thanks to Galway business.