Bumper Profits in Loyal Customer Club of Galway Business
Created on 2022-12-09 17:38:09 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

In the world of network marketing, Galway Business is such a platform where every distributor gets a chance to earn not one or two but more than a dozen income. In this wonderful business plan of product retailing and network building, the more hard work the Galwian decides to do, the more success comes in his life.

India's Leading Direct Selling Company Glaze Trading India Pvt. Business plan is so special that it gives you the opportunity to earn more than a dozen types of income. That is, with the same business and team, you can earn unlimited. But now the word Unlimited is also going to fall short because LCC means Loyal Customer Club has come to you.

This club is not only a double guarantee of super income but also a royal treat for the loyal Galvanians. This is the beauty of Galway business that a Galwayan starts earning income from the day he takes his first step in the wonderful world of Galway business and after that Kuber's treasure opens up. It simply means that the more you work, the more you can earn.

So let's know the full route from taking entry in this club to earning unlimited profit.

LCC Entry Eligibility

1. You must be an RCD or a Super Distributor.

2. Self-purchase of 2000 RDP is to be done by 24th of any month following completion of first criteria.

Get up to 90% Discount

You can increase the points within your LCC club as per the table given on the total BV of the repurchase amount done by you. On the basis of these points, you will get a discount on the products you buy. If we talk about discount, then you can get this discount up to 90 percent.

Galway Products is the magic lamp of success

Maximum Retail + Maximum Discount = Bumper Profits.

Yes, this is the formula for success in Galway business. And our amazing Galway products decode this formula. The more you retail these products, the more your incentive, profit and extra income will increase. In a way, you can say that Galway Products is nothing less than the magic lamp of success in Galway business.

Do not forget these: -

• You can qualify only from 1st to 24th of each month.

• A maximum of RDP 3000 in the value of purchases made by you every month will be counted towards the LCC Club. You will not be able to qualify for this club in the month in which your personal purchases are less than 2000 RDP.

• If you are not able to qualify in LCC in any month and if you make a personal purchase of 2000 RDP from 1st to 24th of the next month, then you will qualify for LCC. But here your compounding will start again i.e. the LCC cycle will start again from the beginning.

• The discount vouchers you have earned will appear on your portal on the 3rd of the following month.

So friends, this way you can qualify in Galway Business Plan's New Income Loyal Customer Club and get attractive discounts on Galway products every month.


Special Note – For more information regarding Loyal Customer Club, please refer to the New Galway Business Plan documents or contact your up line.