Benefits of Meditation Explained in SEP Basic Training
Created on 2024-03-12 14:45:44 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

The lifestyle contributes significantly to staying healthy both physically and mentally. In today's fast-paced world, people have undergone negative changes in their lifestyles, leading to struggles with various health issues like stress and heart problems. Amidst all this, Galway's CSR initiative, the Galway Foundation, through the Self-Empowerment Program (SEP), has played a crucial role in making people mentally healthy. In pursuit of this objective, online and offline training classes are organized throughout India.

In February 2024, online basic training sessions of SEP were organized. Nearly 800 participants took part in these trainings, where they learned about topics such as Theta Healing, Self-Healing, Meditation, and incorporated them into their lifestyles.

In February, all these training sessions were conducted by SEP's certified trainers Chayana Kaushal, Ramkumar, Ranish Kumar, Ramkishan Kaivartya, and Chanchal Vaishnav.