G -Sea Power Bag
G -Sea Power Bag
G -Sea Power Bag

G-C Power Bag is an organic product made by modern technology. It contains many nutrients, hormones, amino acids and enzymes. This helps in the overall growth of plants as well as in increasing its yield.

  • ITEM CODE E1009
  • NET WT 10 Kg
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Product Description

Benefits: It enhances the process of photosynthesis in plants and helps in the growth of its roots. Its use increases the power of plants to absorb nutrients. It also helps to increase the immunity potential of the plant. After transplantation, its use significantly increases the growth of plants with rapid blooming of flowers and crops. This prevents flowers from falling, leading to an increase in the number of buds and giving the farmers a lush green, wavy, healthy crop.

Usage: Mix 10 kg of G C Power with adequate quantity of soil and broadcast over one acre of land. If there is no moisture in the soil, apply light irrigation after use.