Subodra Devi

Subodra Devi

Galway Business turns a Vegetable seller into a Millionaire Businesswoman

I am from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Being the wife of a poor farmer, I could hardly get even two meals a day. There are seven people in my family including my three daughters and two sons who were completely dependent on agriculture. The condition was that if there were a drought or a flood, then there would be starvation.

I am an uneducated woman who used to grow vegetables and sell them in the market to support the family. My Upline Bablu ji, who is also my son-in-law, always used to tell me one thing that if you work with me in the work of growing and selling vegetables, then you will earn manifold more money than this. However, I keep saying the same thing repeatedly that you are educated and I am illiterate, what good will I do?

Then one day suddenly my elder daughter called, she said that she is very happy because her husband Bablu ji got the work of his choice. Now I started asking Bablu ji, what is this work? Can you tell me? He said that first, you take time out and sit with me, then I tell you everything about this work and due to this, I reached the company's business seminar in Bhagalpur.

Positive vibes of Galway Business

I really liked the friendly atmosphere there. People were hugging each other with great love, touching the feet of elders, some people touched my feet too, some were calling me sister, and some were mother. Believe me, tears of joy came in my eyes that how much respect a poor, illiterate vegetable seller like me is being given to educated children wearing suit ties here. While even in the village, no one touches anyone's feet without any reason, while so many good values are being taught in this company, this thing touched my heart and I was deeply convinced of Glaze Company.

Thanks to Galway Products

On 21st December 2004, I started my business with Glaze and bought great products of Galway Krisham like Detergent, Dish Washer, Floor Cleaner, Soap, Oil, Shampoo, Face Wash etc. for my use. I first started using Galway products myself and then I got confidence that these products are great. Earlier I myself used to use chemical insecticides on vegetables but when I started using Galway Krisham products, I started to notice the difference in my own vegetables. Then customers also started giving good feedback about the quality of vegetables. The best part was that, when I used to sell vegetables earlier, there was a risk of vegetables getting spoiled or rotting, due to which sometimes I had to sell my vegetables at very cheap prices, but high quality Galway Thanks to the products, this fear also ended.

The journey of Successful Businesswomen

In this way, I used all the products of Galway myself as well as kept telling people about the products and thus my business started. The first incentive I got was total Rs. 1456. I was very happy at that time. Today it may seem like a small amount to you, but at that time for an old and illiterate woman selling vegetables, this amount was a big deal. Well my Galway business started running at a decent speed and then I got an incentive of Rs.12301. It seemed like a dream to me. This is how I took all the training, learned to give business presentations and products demos.

With the help of my Upline, I kept working hard at Glaze. Then one day came when I achieved my dream level Royal President in November 2011 and then I earned an incentive of Rs.317988 in just one month. Thanks to Glaze, I have bought land in Mathurapur for Rs.12 lakhs and Bhagalpur for Rs.72 lakhs. Bought Mahindra Scorpio S3. Apart from this, bought a Glamor bike, two Passion Pro bikes and a Honda shine. Along with this, my biggest responsibility, which my husband had left this world on my trust, I married my two daughters in a very noble way at a total cost of 50 lakhs. All this was possible only and only because of Galway business. Apart from all this, Galway Business has given me a secure future for my children and the generations to come.

All Dream comes true

Today, I have a reputation in society thanks to Galway Business. I am traveling abroad with time and money freedom. All the dreams that I had dreamed of are coming true. The journey of a successful Glaze businesswoman earning crores of rupees from a vegetable seller was not easy. Many problems also came at the turn of life, but once Glaze took hold of her hand, there was no question of falling again.

Friends, joining Galway Business was the best decision of my life, which I am proud of today. If you also want to secure the future of your children and fulfil your dreams, then start Galway business today.