Ranjani Kumari

Ranjani Kumari

I am a Living example of Women Empowerment
To reach the pinnacle of success on which Ranjani Kumari is today, one has to go through the rocky paths of struggle. It was the dream of Ranjani Kumari that her every dream should come true and she should get every happiness in the world. But Ranjani's dreams were not fulfilled until she got the Galway business. Today Ranjani has a luxurious car and a luxurious house. Thanks to Galway business, she has become a role model of success in her area. Let's know his success story, in his own words.

My name is Ranjani Kumari and I am from Dumka, Jharkhand. I was born in an ordinary family. There was no problem of living and food, so I never felt any shortage in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt short of money when I was studying in college. My dream was to become an air hostess, but due to financial problems, I could not fulfill that dream.

During that time, I came to know for the first time how important money is in life. Unless you have money, you cannot fulfill your dreams, even any of your needs. I decided that no matter what happens, I will overcome the shortage of money from my life forever and will not let any of my dreams remain unfulfilled.

In those days when I was doing my graduation, a person named Manish had rented a room in my house. Ever since he came to my house, there was a process of coming and going from all kinds of people dressed up in nice and luxurious clothes. Some used to come by car and some used to come by bike. Seeing all this, curiosity arose in my mind. One day I asked him that Manish ji, what do you do after all? Hearing my question, Manish ji said that he does business and all the people who come to him are part of his business team.

After hearing about business from Manish ji, I wanted to do Galway business. He said that you have to take some time to understand this business. The next day when I went to Manish ji, he showed me the business presentation. After seeing the business presentation and listening to the stories of successful people, I got convinced that through this business I can fulfill all my dreams and desires. But my father refused to do this business. Manish ji said that he will explain himself to my father.

Eventually, Manish ji showed the business presentation to my father at my home through one-to-one business presentation. After seeing the business presentation, my father was so impressed that not only did he allow me to do business, but he himself decided to do business with me. And this is how I opened Galway 's home shop to increase my business by taking distributorship. You will be surprised to know that I started my business by making my father my first down line.

After starting the business, I focused more on beauty and home care products in my Glaze home shop. I am a woman and I know which of our products could be more appealing for women. My idea worked and I got many customers.

In this way I started getting good retail income, but my dreams were to go a long way. For this, I needed to build a team and open more home shops under my downline. For this, I would start talking to whomever my acquaintance and relative could get, to open a home shop with me.

When my Upline came to know about this, they explained to me that the way you are doing business, it is not the right way to do business. First of all, you should take training of business and products and only after getting well trained you should talk to people about this business. But as my home shop was selling Galway products in full swing, I did not heed the advice of my up line.

I did not listen to the advice of seniors and did not take trainings. Galway 's products sold easily due to their quality, but I had to face rejection from many people in getting the home shop opened with me. Some people even started making fun of me.

For a time, I thought that this business would just end now. But there is a saying that no matter how deep the darkness is, after that the dawn comes. Manish ji once again came as a dawn for me. He explained to me that those who give up and sit down, the world calls them cowards. It would be better if you take business training from now and wash the stain of failure on your side by starting a new business. He also explained to me that when a child learns to walk, he falls. No one stops teaching a child to walk because of the fear of falling. I started training and after that everything changed. As I continued to complete my training, my confidence grew. After the completion of the training, a new Ranjani Kumari was ready to pursue her business.

I once again started approaching people according to the training and this time got success. Today my husband, father and two younger brothers are active with me in this business and are earning handsomely. My entire family is associated with Galway Business.

Thanks to Galway business, I completed my graduation with my own money, as well as got my brother to complete engineering, which was my second dream. With the earnings of my glaze business, I built the house I wanted. Bought Scooty and Swift DZire car and got married in a royal way. Today we are living a very happy life.

I am thankful to the founder directors of the company, Mr. Chetan Handa ji and Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber ji, that they have provided a life of wealth to millions of people like me by forming a glaze company. Equal opportunities are provided to all in the glaze without any distinction between man and woman. To be honest, the role Galway Business is playing in the path of women empowerment is commendable. I am also a living example of women empowerment.