Rajesh Kumar Modi

Rajesh Kumar Modi

Galway Business gifted me a Royal life

I belong to a normal family of Bihar. My father used to work from village to village selling vermilion tikli and then he was able to collect bread for two times for us. In such circumstances, I somehow completed my studies up to tenth standard from the government school in the village, I did not get much but I had complete confidence in myself. I did not have much income means so I opened my own grocery shop in the village to support my father. Earning in this grocery work was not special. So to get success, I closed my shop in the village and came to Faridabad and started the work of vegetables.

Vegetables business used to work twice as hard as a village shop, getting up at 4 in the morning to go to the vegetable market, cleaning the vegetables in the afternoon and sitting in the market from evening till late at night, and even after so much hard work, I was able to work for the month. He could earn only five thousand. I was not happy with such a low earning. In the meantime, I also started a spice shop, but poverty did not go away. In the morning I started washing people's cars so that I could earn some extra money. In the meantime, when I got married too, then my responsibility increased even more.

I also felt that if you really want to become rich, then you have to find a new way. Then I met Kush sir who changed the course of our life. Kush sir asked me the same question are you happy with your earning? The answers have already been told to all of you, I said, even after working so hard, I am not able to earn anything special. Kush sir said that if you want to earn good money then come and meet us at our office, we need hardworking people like you in our business.

I attended the Glaze business seminar in the office. After coming out of the seminar hall, Sarabjeet singh arneja (Director, Glaze Trading India Pvt ltd) sir told me that you work hard and you can earn in lakhs. This is how I started my new innings in Galway business. Instead of learning the nuances of the Glaze business, I started my work directly, which also resulted in my rejection. So first started participating in the training sessions of the company. We made a list and started showing our business plan to our special, close people.

In the beginning of August 2003, my first check was made for only 400 rupees, but I did not get demotivated because we all know that there is some business in the world where a maestro teaches you everything for free and also gives money on it?

Then the next month a check of Rs 3300 came and within a few months I got a promotion. At that level our incentive was coming to Rs 45,600. With a few months of hard work, we started earning many times more money than our previous work.

When such a great incentive came for the first time, it seemed that today all the hard work and penance became successful. Slowly the work progressed and I went ahead in the journey of Galway business. I also achieved one of the highest rank in the year 2007 and 2009.

Today I am earning millions of incentives every month from my Galway business and till now I have earned crores of rupees from my Galway business. Today I am living a lavish lifestyle with my wonderful income thanks to Galway business. Once upon a time I did not even have an old cycle and today I have five two wheelers and cars for myself and my family. I have bought my house worth 60 lakhs because of my business in Delhi. Today all my four children study in English medium School in Delhi.

All this became possible because of our one right decision, which is my Galway business. Due to this business, not only land property, but I have also got name and respect. Thank you Galway for giving me the opportunity to bring happiness and success in my life and that of my team.