Janardan Prasad Gupta

Janardan Prasad Gupta

Thanks You Galway Business for Changing My Life

Janardan Prasad Gupta, a resident of district Bhagalpur, Bihar, spent his childhood in poverty. Therefore, apart from hard work, he had no other means to be successful. He had resolved in his childhood that he would do something special to end his poverty and become so rich that poverty would not dare to look again in his family. Let us know how Galway Business played an important role in realizing this resolution.

When he was 13 years old, he started earning money by selling bangles and bindis. Not satisfied with that earning, he went from village to village, sold clothes, and then started the business of spices after earning some money. He got moderate success in this work, but when the ambitions are big, and then the dreams become big. His dream was to become very big in life and earn so much money so that he would have a luxurious house, car, servants and all the amenities.

The struggle for success

Janardan Prasad Gupta says, “If I stand on this pedestal today, the credit goes to Glaze Company and Mr. Rajesh Modi, Senior Businessman, Glaze Company. Mr. Rajesh Modi was my maternal uncle and there was a very good bond between us. It is a matter of those days when my maternal uncle Mr. Rajesh Modi was introduced to Galway business. Feeling the specialty and strength of that business, Mr. Rajesh Modi also told me about Galway business and said that if you have a desire to move ahead in your life, then you must do this business. I happily agreed."

Next day Janardan Prasad Gupta went to see the business presentation with Mr. Rajesh Modi. He saw a business presentation in a seminar. He was so impressed after seeing the business presentation that he decided to start Galway business immediately.

Since he had enough money, he immediately bought a stock of Galway products and opened his Galway shop. In fact, he was already doing business, so he was well aware of the nuances of business. He also knew that running a business well required the necessary training. During the training of Galway Business, he has to know very well how to work in this retailing business and how to take the business to the heights of success.

The destination of success achieved through focus & training

Janardhan further says that he initially started the glaze business as a part time business. He would go to their homes or offices by taking time from the customers, show them the products, and try to sell them.

He used to insist that no matter which brand the product is used by the customer, he must try his product once and when he likes the product, and then become his regular customer. He would also explain how his product is different, special and economical by comparing it with other products. He also explains that the company has a refund policy, through which the product can be returned even if you do not like it. He explained to the customers that any complaint regarding the product could be contacted with the customer care department of the company. With a clear and transparent approach, customers become their admirers and buy the product. In this way, he started earning good money through retailing.

When many of his regular customers became his, he told everyone how they could become an independent distributor of the company and earn profit by buying the product at the distributor price. The customer who showed interest in the distributorship, Janardan Prasad would take him to his senior and show the business presentation. In this way, anyone who was willing to do business with him, he would have made him a part of his team.

…and then I got success

He further says that I took proper training to take my business forward. Due to the training, I got the qualities to become a successful businessperson. The qualities that are required to be a good salesperson have also imbibed in me. You will be surprised to know that earlier I could not speak properly even among four people. Now thanks to that training, I am able to speak on stage in front of thousands of people.

The road to my success was ready. I kept on going on it. Today my Galway Shop network is across the country. I have reached a respected and illustrious level like the Royal President in the glaze business. You know the meaning of reaching this level and not earning lakhs of rupees per month and lifestyle like a star. Yes. I travel around the country and abroad. I stay in luxurious hotels. I am the owner of many vehicles and today I have every means of comfort. Now I train my team. I inspire them to move forward. So that the rest of the team members can also fulfill their every dream like me.

Overall, today my resolve to beat poverty and become a successful person has come true and wherever I am today, it is only and only because of Galway business. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful life.