G-Sea Liquid (100 Ml)
G-Sea Liquid (100 Ml)
G-Sea Liquid (100 Ml)

G-Sea Liquid is an organic product derived from liquid seagrass which removes the nutritional deficiency in the crops besides increasing the rate of growth of plants.

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Product Description

Advantages of G-Sea Liquid It accelerates the process of absorption of nutrients in plants. It also increases the formation of roots, its growth and helps in accelerating the process of photosynthesis while enhancing the immunity of plants. It helps in increasing the activity of micro-organisms present in the soil and prevents any fall of flower bunches or buds while promoting its growth.

It is a natural seaweed extract obtained from the sea. It is helpful in the development of grains, pulses, oil seeds, cotton, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables and plants. It removes the lack of nutrients in the crop.


 Treatment of Soil - Mix 100ml concentrated G-Sea liquid with 100 kg of cow dung, grazing soil or vermi compost (1/2) and sprinkle in the roots of the plant according to half an acre.

  Spray- Mix 100ml Concentrated G-Sea liquid with 150 litre of water and spray accordingly in (1/2) half acre. In 15 litre water tank dissolve 10 ml and spray accordingly.