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  • ‪ Digitalya: Successful Completion of another Computer Training Batch

    Date: 17-20th /December/2015
    Source: ‪‎‪The Team Digitalya, driven by positive energy and motivational strength, is in a Mission Mode to contribute its best efforts towards making Digital India a reality in near future.
    With a determined spirit to carry on the good work, the Team Digitalya conducted another Computer Training batch from 17th December 2015 to 20th December 2015 at the company’s Bhubaneswar Lab.
    The ‪#‎GlazeFamily‬ seems to be in a mood to write a new chapter of the citizens’ keen participation in the national mission of ‪Digital Empowerment‬.

  • ‪ Digitalya: Achieving Newer Milestones in Digital Education

    Date: 13-16th /December/2015
    Source: ‪‎Digitalya, a one of its kind corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavor of #GalwayFoundation, is imparting digital literacy at an incredible pace in pan-India.
    After setting up its state-of-the-art computer Lab at #Bhubaneswar, Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, #GlazeTradingIndia has accelerated the momentum of digitally empowering the citizens by providing continuous Computer Trainings to them.
    The Digitalya team presided over a computer training batch at Bhubaneswar Lab from 13th December 2015 to 16thDecember 2015. Trainees with immense happiness felt motivated to use this computer knowledge in their day to day working.

  • ‪ Digitalya Achieves First Year Milestone

    Date: 11th /December/2015
    Source: ‪‎Galway Foundation‬ has embarked upon the mission of spreading computer literacy to the far-flung areas, empowering socially disadvantageous groups of society in a significant way. The training in computer skills imparted through the Foundation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative Digitalya is totally free of cost and open to all citizens of India.
    ‪Digitalya‬, the sapling planted by the company’s founders Mr Chetan Handa and Mr Sanjeev Chhibbar, has been nourished by the sweat of hard work and unwavering devotion shown by Team Digitalya, led by inimitable, untiring and ever-cheerful Ms Jyoti Chopra.
    This digital education mission of ‪‎Glaze Family‬ completed one year of making a difference on the digital literacy front on 11th December, 2015. Yes, Digitalya, now one-year old, is steadily growing to become a lush green tree providing verdant shade of knowledge across the national landscape.

  • ‪ Digitalya Bhubaneswar Batch 8th Dec- 11th Dec 2015

    Date: 8-11th /December/2015
    Source: ‪‪‎Digitalya‬ carried forward the momentum of digital education by conducting another computer training batch at Digitalya’s Bhubaneswar centre of learning from 8th December 2015 to 11th December 2015.

  • ‪ Digitalya Delhi Batch 8th Dec- 11th Dec 2015

    Date: 8-11th /December/2015
    Source: ‪Digitalya‬ conducted a batch of Computer Training at Glaze Head office, Janakpuri, New Delhi. This training was conducted from 8th December 2015 to 11th December 2015. Participants were very keen to learn and practice computer. At each stage of learning they claimed that yes, computer will make their day to day work routine easy and also that they feel empowered after attending this Computer Training.

  • ‪Digitalya‬: Bridging the Divide

    Date: 9th/December/2015
    Source: Each day the Digitalya initiative of the ‪Galway Foundation‬ is witnessing forward movement in terms of strengthening of the infrastructure and deepening of bonds among students, transcending the borders of regions and languages. Today the two well-equipped Digitalya learning centres of Delhi and Bhubaneswar got connected to each other digitally.
    It was an amazingly interactive experience as students at both the learning centres engaged in live discussions and quiz conducted over the digital medium. Naturally, the ever-smiling face of Digitalya mentor Ms Jyoti Chopra along with Trainer Ms. Surbhi Kapoor was lit up all the more with a richly-deserved sense of fulfilment and the yearning for taking the torch of ‪‎digital empowerment‬ to the farthest corners of the country.

  • 12th anniversary celebration of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. at Patna, Bihar

    Date: 22nd/Novemeber/2015
    Source: The success journey of Glaze is going on with live events at various locations. On 22nd November Glaze celebrated its 12th anniversary in Patna in the presence of company director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, Bhojpuri singer Pawan singh, Syndicate team DD and GDD and Sh. Kaushal Jha. More than 7000 people have joined us in celebrating the 12 successful years of Glaze. On this occasion we have also presented ‪Galway Nutriflow‬ range.   See Images...

  • 12th anniversary celebration of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. at Bhubaneswar, Orissa

    Date: 21st/Novemeber/2015
    Source: Glaze celebrated its 12th anniversary in Bhubaneswar in the presence of company director Mr Sarabjeet Singh, Orissa singers Vishnu Mohan and Navia, Actress Jina, Syndicate team DD and GDD and some ministers. A huge number of crowd (More than 17000 people) gathered at Bhubaneswar to witness the success of Glaze. The crowd looked very energetic and excited to see the new product range of Glaze.   See Images...

  • Glaze New Branch Inauguration in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

    Date: 20/Novemeber/2015
    Source: ‪Glaze Trading India‬ is widely opening its new branches to facilitate the working of its Independent Distributors and Customers in pan India. Following this activity, Glaze inaugurated its new branch office in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. On this occasion along with company’s Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, Director-Quality Ms. Jyoti Chopra and Mr. Kush Kumar and various other senior Product distributors were present. After the Inauguration of the lab, Distributors in Odisha and its nearby regions will be working more conveniently. The branch office has newly equipped Training room in it. Various distributors of Odisha and nearby regions have already started taking the benefits of the Computer Training in the Lab.   See Images...

  • Digitalya Centre of Learning Opens with a Bang

    Date: 20/Novemeber/2015
    Source: The ‪Digitalya‬ initiative of ‪Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd‬ under ‪‎Galway Foundation‬ is buzzing with activity as the company has begun spreading the light of computer education across the country. Beginning its pan-India expansion with the east zone, the first ‪Digitalya Computer Centre‬ was inaugurated at Bhubaneswer (Odisha) on 20th November, 2015. This ultra-modern learning centre is equipped with the state-of-the-art information technology equipment, systems, gadgets and accessories with latest configurations Wi-Fi enabled desktop computers, laptops, projectors, printers, etc.

    This ‪‎Digitalya Centre‬ came into being with a grand inauguration graced by the august presence of Company Director Mr Sarabjeet Arneja and Digitalya Program Head Ms Jyoti Chopra. The team of Digitalya under Ms Chopra successfully conducted its first batch in this learning centre from 22nd November to 25th November, 2015. The moments of glory came when at the completion of the training, each trainee was awarded with a certificate by the Glaze management with all those present cheering and applauding this step toward digital empowerment of the fast-expanding network of Glaze fraternity.

  • First Digitalya Centre of Learning in Bhubaneswar

    Date: 20/Novemeber/2015
    Source: “On 20th November 2015, Galway Foundation inaugurated its ‪first Digitalya Centre of Learning in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The Digitalya Centre of Learning was inaugurated in the presence of the Company's Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh and Digitalya Program Head - Ms. Jyoti Chopra. The main aim of Digitalya Program is to provide free of cost both the technology and computer training to those who have no knowledge and access to Internet. The Foundation is willing to cooperate with more local partners in order to expand the Program to new locations in India in the future.
    Post the inaugural the first batch started on 22nd November 2015. On this occasion our Founder Director Mr. Chetan Handa congratulated the Digitalya team through Skype and he inspired the trainees to use technology and join the Digital Journey. He also said, “Let’s make a chain of Deepak. Create Deepmala. And Let’s bring light and enlighten the lives.”

  • 12th anniversary celebration of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. at Agra, Uttar Pradesh

    Date: 8th/Novemeber/2015
    Source: Glaze is celebrating its 12th anniversary in different parts of the country. On 8th Nov Glaze celebrate its 12th anniversary in Agra with full Pomp. More than 3000 distributors participated in this program. The whole crowd was very excited due to the growing popularity of the company and its new product arrivals. These are some of the pictures from our Agra event.   See Images...

  • Strengthening Spiritual Empowerment

    Date: 15th/October/2015
    Source: The 12th Anniversary celebrations of Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd at Talkatora Stadium held a mirror to the efforts and initiatives of the company in several spheres of human endeavour. One of such glorious episodes was awarding of the certificates to Certified Master Trainers along with Certified Trainers of Self-Empowerment Program (SEP), a training program for the Glaze distributors across India. SEP is the realisation of the dream of Mr Chetan Handa and Mr Sanjeev Chhibber for the overall holistic growth of each individual associated with the organization.

    Founded in October, 2012, SEP helps Glaze distributors achieve empowered existence through discovery of their true potential and powers hidden in the mind, body and soul. This program is being successfully conducted through workshops in different cities by Spiritual Trainer and Mentor Ms Romshri Ashesh. It has till date been held across 20 cities of the country and reached out to more than 12,000 people and developed 7 Master certified trainers & 74 Certified Trainers who are delivering this program to even the remotest corners of our country.

    Thanks to SEP, Glaze members have received great help in overcoming physical diseases, emotional issues and financial worries by using the techniques of subconscious mind. SEP leads to increase in the spiritual, social, educational, gender or economic strength of individuals. It’s also about letting go, and eliminating what’s making you unhappy instead of striving to increase the number of things you believe will make you happy. “To do that, you have to get rid of the false, negative and outdated beliefs that hold you in bondage to the past and prevent you from living an authentic life in the present”, says Ms Romshree, who is held in great esteem within the fast-expanding Glaze fraternity.   See Images...

  • 12th anniversary of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. at Talkatora Stadium-New Delhi

    Date: 15th/October/2015
    Source: On the occasion of 12th anniversary of company, Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. has launched 4 new products of ‪#‎GalwayNutriflow‬ range i.e. SoyWay, Leanfitz, Galvita & Spirulina and 5 different products of existing brands i.e Body wash, Body Lotion, Pro-Keratin Shampoo+Conditioner, Hair Serum, B B Cream at Talkatora Stadium-New Delhi in presence of Sh. C.P. Singh – Urban Development Minister (Jharkhand), Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri - Member of Parliament (Delhi), Prof. Rajinder Bhandari - Vice Chairman (Punjab Planning Board) & Sh. Ashish Sood - General Secretary (Delhi, BJP).   See Images...

  • DIGITALYA - Lets Make Digital India

    Date: 15th/October/2015
    Source: The 12th Anniversary celebrations of Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd were held at such a grand scale that they cast indelible impressions on all those who were fortunate to be part of this path-breaking event. Among other moments of glory where the phenomenal achievements of Glaze were showcased, Galway Foundation's 'Digitalya' initiative deserves a special mention.

    Digitalya’s Program Head Ms Jyoti Chopra elaborated upon the significance of this corporate social responsibility initiative of Glaze Family that seeks to empower thousands of its distributors and business associates with computer literacy, thus contributing towards the Digital India Mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in its own humble way.

    The participants were glued to their seats all through the presentation of Digitalya. They were also shown a short documentary on Digitalya that highlighted how the Digital Revolution has transformed the way people are leading their lives and running their businesses in today’s fast evolving world. The increasing reach of information technology has immensely helped in accelerating the pace of development on Planet Earth. India needs to spread the light of computer education to its most remotest parts, if we wish to realise our dream of standing proudly in the league of developed nation.It is this noble goal that has encouraged Galway Foundation in making its own contribution through Digitalya.

    Digitalya program has been strengthened by the growing army of Certified Computer Trainers who have risen from the ranks to carry further the torch of imparting computer literacy to the ever-growing network of Glaze distributors. The entire gathering at the event greeted the Certified Trainers with resounding applause when they were awarded certificates by the leading lights of Glaze management. Thus, these Trainers will help Glaze in strengthening its mission of spreading the basic computer knowledge to the hinterlands of India.

      See Images...

  • ICB Training at Alwar.

    Date: 7-10th/October/2015
    Source: Glaze Trading India conducted its 12th batch of Computer Training at ST Foundation's Alwar Lab.   See Images...

  • ICB Training at Patna.

    Date: 3-6/October/2015
    Source: By highlighting the infinite uses of Computer and making it easy for people to use, Glaze Trading India conducted another batch of Computer Training in Hotel City Centre, Patna.   See Images...

  • ICB Training at Dehradun.

    Date: 21-24/September/2015
    Source: Trainers trained by Glaze, Successfully conducted another ICB Batch at Dehradun with the support of ST Foundation   See Images...

  • One step closer to Digital Revolution at Glaze !

    Date: 08-11/September/2015
    Source: With the ongoing successful Computer Trainings, Glaze Trading India conducted its 9th ICB batch at Glaze head Office, New Delhi from 8th Sep’15 to 11th Sep’15. With a step ahead, it was the first time when the Trainers trained by Glaze deployed ICB Training to this batch and boosted their confidence to utilize this Computer Knowledge in their day to day routine.   See Images...

  • One step closer to Digital Revolution at Glaze !

    Date: 11-12/July/2015
    Source: As part of the initiative taken by the Glaze Management, training in basic computer skills (ICB) is imparted to the company’s vast network of distributors across the country. Recently, participants of this training programme were put to a computer test to find the IRs eligible to become trainers who would be conducting the same ICB training further. We are pleased to inform that now our first nine volunteers who have qualified for ‘Train The Trainer for Informatics and Computer Basics (TTT for ICB) Training are now ready to bridge the Digital Divide across Glaze Parivar. They received proper training at ‘Country – Inn (Sahibabad)’ during 11th and 12th July 2015 to become eligible for playing the role of computer trainers. So, we can say our Trainees are now Computer Trainers.   See Images...

  • Re-affirming the pledge for excellence

    Date: 08-09/July/2015
    About the Event:
    The leadership meetings organised by Glaze Trading Pvt Ltd are always special in their own way. The All India Leadership Meet held at Country Inn, Sahibabad during July 8-9, 2015 turned out to be extraordinary in many respects.

    To begin with, the two-day event was marked with several departmental presentations followed by brainstorming question and answer sessions in which the distributors participated with great zeal. The departmental heads were ably supported by syndicate members in educating the franchisees and distributors, participating in the conference, about sorting out difficulties that they face in their day-to-day functions. However, before the proceedings began, the Quality and Business Process team headed by Ms Jyoti Chopra conducted a test for the trainers of the computer training programme run by the country. The distributors who qualify this test will function as certified trainers who will be conducting computer training sessions throughout the vast and ever expanding Glaze network.

    Day 1
    The day 1 began with IT head Mr Divya Darshan Divakar conducting a session on maximising benefits of Galway mobile application and answering various queries of the delegates. He was joined by company director Mr Sarabjeet Singh who informed the gathering that after recently visiting various countries, he can proudly claim that the mobile and other technological systems developed by Glaze are at par with those of global business corporations. He also shared that the distributors will be brought on a common social media platform via Glaze’s official website, and going further the company has also instituted a Digital Distributor Award and Digital Franchisee Award to encourage the distributors to optimise the use of digital technology in their profession.

    Next was the turn of the presentation on accounts and sales tax with Mr Trilok Singh of Accounts Department emphasising on the need for distributors to maintain regular financial records and filings with regard to income tax; sales tax and service tax. He was joined on the stage by senior Syndicate member Mr Kush Kumar, who informed the congregation that the company has decided to appoint consultants for the franchisees to help them fulfil all statutory obligations regarding their business. The further good news is the 50 % of the fees of the consultant will be borne by the company.

    The delegates next had the privilege to listen to a very exhaustive and interesting presentation on health and nutrition by Sarvjeet Singh of the BDT team. He underlined the ill-effects of pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and intake of fast and processed food that is low on nutrition. Here Glaze has decided to contribute towards the well-being of people by planning a whole new product range in the health and nutrition segment under Galway Nutriflow.

    It was in the fitness of things that spiritual and wellness trainer Dr Romshri addressed the gathering and took every one on an altogether different plane of meditation as she stressed upon the significance of undertaking an inner journey for all human beings. Her speech was followed by certificate distribution ceremony for the successful leaders who had qualified as trainers under the recent Self-Empowerment Programmes (SEP).   See Images...

    Day 2
    The day 2 of the event began with a presentation by Syndicate member Mr Om Prakash Singh making a powerful presentation on the qualities of leadership. The participants also benefitted from a presentation by the Customer Care team led by Mr Samrat Debnath. He was helped by Mr Madhusudan of CSS department and Syndicate member Mr Rajesh Paswan in elaborating upon the functions of the company’s interface with the distributors and answering the queries of those present.

    The crowning glory of the day came when Mr Sanjay Verma chose to speak on the fundamental issues of life. He began with analysing the human tendency to attribute everything to God’s will, when faced with adverse circumstances. We fail to realise that we do everything in life out of our own free will. God has given us the knowledge of good or bad karmas (actions) as well as the strength to do either of them. So, we cannot shirk individual responsibility for our actions. In fact, whatever happens to us is the cumulative result of past and present karmas. So, Glaze leaders should embrace a positive approach to life and imbibe the values of honesty and transparency in their profession, he said, concluding his soul-stirring speech.

    Subsequently, GDD and franchisee from Rudrapur (Jharkhand), Munna Prasad Chaurasia addressed the gathering and recounted his story of long struggle and ultimate success. He impressed upon the need for the distributors to adapt themselves to change in the areas of their work. His speech was followed with the announcement of 15 more IRs as members of the prestigious Regulatory Committee (RC) after Umesh Kumar Chaurasia whose name was announced as RC in the last meeting. All the RCs were given a grand felicitation by the top leadership of Glaze comprising Mr Sarabjeet Singh, Mr Sumit Kohli, Mr Sanjay Verma, Mr. Amarnath Sengupta and Mr Kush Kumar.

    The meet concluded with the presentation made by the Supply Chain Management, headed by Mr Sanjay Chaube and supported by the Syndicate member Mr Mundrika Gop.
    All in all, the leadership meet turned out to be a highly informative and interactive experience for all.   See Images...

  • Empowering distributors the digital way

    Source: Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd has been imparting digital education and training to its vast network of distributors on a regular basis. As part of these efforts, various Informatics and Computer Basics (ICB) training programmes are organized across the country. Recently, ICB programmes were organized at ST Foundation Centres in Alwar and Dehradun during June 7-10, 2015 and at the Glaze corporate office in New Delhi during June 13-16, 2015. The participants in these programmes were provided with basic digital literacy, and their skills were further honed in sync with the rapidly growing technological demands of business. The professional capabilities and enthusiasm of the trainers and the well-structured course design made learning computers so much easy for the IRs. During the certificate distribution ceremony in Delhi, when asked by CEO Mr Amarnath Sengupta to narrate their experience, the participants acknowledged that the Glaze computer training module has helped them get an exposure to the fast changing world of computers and internet.

    Quality and Business Process Head and Digital Life Mentor Mrs Jyoti Chopra recently visited Alwar along with Syndicate members Mr Kush Kumar and Mr Bhagat Singh Mahla to award certificates to the participants of the ICB training organized in Alwar during March and June 2015. The contribution of trainers and coordinators for supporting Glaze in its mission to bridge the digital divide was duly acknowledged during the event. Mr Kailash, Trainer at the Alwar Lab, motivated the participants to continue using computers in their business activities, while focusing on the inevitable need of the hour to be digitally literate in today’s world. The participants thanked the Glaze management to digitally empower them so that they now feel confident in their personal and professional life.   See Images...

  • ‘Distributors as Speakers’ marked the All India Leadership Meet at Radisson Blu, Dwarka

    Date: 11-12/June/2015
    Source: Another edition of All India Leadership Meet organised by Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd at hotel Radisson Blu, Dwarka, during June 11-12, 2015, saw close interaction and keen participation from Glaze leaders in the conduct of proceedings. The mega event was not only attended by the champion distributors along with their team members, but many of them ( Om Prakash; Vikram Singh Solet; Umesh Kumar Chaurasia) took to the stage, shared their stories of struggle and ultimate success, thus enlightening and motivating the delegates who came from all over the country. A number of informative and interactive product training, counselling, motivational and brainstorming sessions were held during the two-day event. The event held a mirror to the fast expanding network of Glaze family, besides elaborating on the Galway product range extension, future roadmap and initiatives in the field of technology and manufacturing.

    The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the top company leadership comprising Mr Sumit Kohli; Mr Sanjay Verma; CEO - Mr Amarnath Sengupta; Mr Kush Kumar; AGM – Quality and Business Process - Mrs Jyoti Chopra and Syndicate members. The Business Development Team (BDT) comprising Prateek Srivastava and Sarvjeet Singh engaged the large number of participants by providing motivational, professional and other useful information. Mrs Jyoti briefed the gathering about the initiatives her team has taken in providing training to IRs in the areas of computer & mobile application. She also answered the queries with regard to the various features of Mobile App developed by the company.

    Mr Sanjay Verma conducted a long session on the need and inevitability of change which went a long way in guiding and motivating the Glaze leaders to adapt themselves to the fast evolving dynamics of direct selling business. He focussed on the changing facets of retail industry and the unique position enjoyed by Glaze in the direct selling industry.

    The delegates had the privilege of listening to an enlightening talk by the Founder Director Shri Sanjeev Chhibber who mesmerised the participants with his inimitable eloquence. His motivational speech centring upon the theme ‘Dreams are the most powerful energy’ left everyone present at the event spell-bound. He exhorted the delegates not to be averse to taking risks but rather accept challenges as the way of life. Only by leaving our comfort zones and refusing to take shelter from the rain under an umbrella (symbolising security), we can emerge victorious in the battleground of life, he told the cheering audience.

    The day-2 of the event started with the playing of a motivational video from the movie Three Idiots that illustrated the power of team work to scale the pinnacle of success. Another highlight was the announcement of GDD Umesh Kumar Chaurasia as the member of Regulatory Committee (RC), the esteemed body of Glaze.

    The delegates also had the privilege to listen to a highly inspiring talk delivered by Director Mr Sumit Kohli who spoke on the importance of the will to succeed, apart from having good intentions. He cited the example of Michael Phelps, an American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian, who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games, against all odds.

    In all, it was an unforgettable experience for all those who took part in the ‘All India Leadership Meet.’   See Images...

  • 'All India Leadership Meet' organised successfully at Clarks Inn

    Date: 11-12/May/2015
    Source: Motivational levels ran high at the 'All India Leadership Meet' organised by Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd at hotel Clarks Inn, Sahibabad from May 11-12, 2015. The first day of the mega event saw keen participation from Glaze leaders along with their team of distributors who came from all over the country. The business meet saw a number of informative and interactive product training, counselling, motivational and brainstorming sessions which contributed to the knowledge enhancement and morale-boosting of all the participants. The event held a mirror to the fast expanding network of Glaze family, besides elaborating on the Galway product range extension, future business plans and initiatives in the field of digital mobility.

    The Business Development Team comprising Prateek Srivastava and Sarvjeet Singh engaged the large number of participants by demonstrating Galway products and providing other useful information. Senior Manager - Quality and Business Process, Ms Jyoti Chopra briefed the gathering about 'Digital Life' - the company's initiatives in the area of computer training & mobile application. She also acquainted the audience with the various features of Mobile App developed by the company. The Glaze distributors too shared their experiences of how they benefitted from the various levels of computer and mobile application training provided by the company.

    The delegates had the privilege of listening to an enlightening talk by CEO Shri Amarnath Sengupta who spoke on the new growth roadmap being pursued by the company. He informed the audience that Glaze has now reached "the stage of a big take off" and all its associates stand to be benefitted from it. Now, there is need for all distributors to adapt themselves to the new technology. In order to make Galway a reliable brand, the company has set up its own hi-tech research laboratory with latest equipment. He announced that the company is in the process of setting up its own factory for manufacturing cosmetics and agricultural products. Also, more products are in the pipeline, besides revamp and expansion of the existing product range. The company has also initiated steps to increase its brand visibility by meeting acceptable industry standards and contributing to a safe, secure, stable, sustainable and progressive environment. The company has plans to include whole new products in the areas of health and nutrition, dietary supplements, bath and body care, skin care, fine fragrance, hair care, colour cosmetics, kids' range and potency drugs.

    Another highlight of the day-I of 'All India Leadership Meet' was the live address via skype by Mr Chetan Handa, the fountainhead of inspiration for the entire Glaze family. The legendary leader interacted with the esteemed gathering of Glaze distributors and posed pointed questions like 'who is a true leader?' and 'how would you define professionalism?' The delegates shared their opinions on his queries and ultimately learnt detailed explanations of these concepts from him.

    The day-II of the event (May 12) started with the playing of a motivational video from the movie Lagaan that illustrated the power of human will to handle the toughest challenges of life. A detailed session was also held on Galway Krisham range of products. Agronomist Dinesh Singh dwelt at length on the unique qualities of the company's agricultural product range that make them stand above the competitors. He also informed the audience about the new Krisham products in the pipeline.

    The event was made memorable by the launch of Galway Patrika, the in-house magazine of Glaze family, now published in a whole new flavour with marked improvement in content and design. When the top leadership of Glaze comprising Mr Sarabjeet Singh, Mr Sumit Kohli, Mr Sanjay Verma, Mr Amarnath Sengupta, Ms Jyoti Chopra and General Manager Mr Ashwani Arora released the May-June issue of the revamped magazine, they were greeted with thunderous applause from the cheering delegates. Subsequently, Mr Sanjay Verma conducted a long session on 'Business Future with Retailing' which went a long way in guiding and motivating the Glaze leaders regarding the immense possibilities of retail in enhancing their business potential.

    In all, it was an immensely enriching experience for all those who participated in the 'All India Leadership Meet.'   See Images...

  • Glaze Channelises Fun with Family to Scale up Business

    Date: 13/April/2015
    Source: In a first ever initiative, Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd organized 'All India Leaders Family Meet' at hotel Piccadily in New Delhi on April 13, 2015. The mega event saw keen participation from the distributors along with their family members, who included parents, spouses and children. The whole ambience was imbued with emotional energy, family bonhomie, joys of togetherness, camaraderie, sharing and caring. In fact, these are the driving force behind the spectacular success of the Glaze family.

    The event went a long way in encouraging all those associated with the fast expanding Glaze network to involve their family members as active stakeholders in the business. The families have a crucial role to play as consumers, buyers and sellers of the company's products. The BDT team comprising Dheeraj Singh and Sarvjeet Singh engaged the participants present at the get-together by demos of the full range of GALWAY products including new packaging. The important point put across the event was the motivation provided to women members of the Glaze fraternity to use GALWAY products, the USP of which is high quality with affordable cost. For instance, if women members happen to consume all beauty products of their company, they can simply do away with the need to visit a beauty parlour.

    The delegates at the meet were left spellbound when the highly acclaimed rags-to-riches achievers of Glaze like Subhadra Devi and Ranjani Devi shared with them their inspiring real life tales of grit, guts and glory. The audience listened to their power-packed sharing with rapt attention. In this way, they learnt the mantra of individual as well as collective success.

    The crowning glory of the 'All India Leaders Family Meet' was the address through video conferencing by Mr Chetan Handa, the illustrious founder and Chief Guardian of the Glaze family. The iconic leader and guiding light shared his pearls of wisdom and pragmatism with the esteemed gathering of Glaze distributors and their families who cheered and applauded every word that emanated from his inspiring voice. In short, it was an experience to cherish and treasure for all those who were fortunate to make it to the churning of minds and shared joy at the unforgettable event.   See Images...

  • Soft-skills workshop for Glaze staff

    Date: 21/March/2015
    Source: We at Glaze believe that a positive attitude in the workplace helps employees to accomplish tasks faster and in a better manner. The performance of employees to a great extent depends on the good relationship they share with their colleagues. Considering this thought in mind, Glaze recently organized a workshop on ‘Leadership & Motivational Development’ for its staff on 21st March 2015, Saturday at an outdoor location. This workshop was steered under the fine guidance of Mr. Vikas Chandwani, renowned Soft-skills trainer & Performance Coach.

    The program received an encouraging response from the participants who at the end of the session were stimulated to believe that through positive energy and alignment with organization goals, work becomes a pleasure!   See Images...

  • Glaze MLM mobile app launch

    Date: 12/March/2015
    Source: Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. recently launched its first mobile application on 12th March 2015 during the All India Leadership Meet at Raddison, Dwarka. The application was inaugurated by Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, Director along with the lively team from Glaze behind this wonderful effort. This is for the first time that an app which is dedicated to MLM with robust features has been introduced in the history of direct selling.

    This application is a quick, easy and handy way for our huge distributor base to reach and connect to Glaze. It promises to be a one touch solution for our customers’ queries and information. For now, the application is supported by Android. However, it will be launched on other compatible OS very shortly.

    The launch was a great success and the application received an overwhelming response from the audience who showed great excitement to use it.   See Images...

  • Glaze celebrates International Women’s Day

    Date: 9/March/2015
    Source: International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 every year since 1911 celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future whilst at the same time calling for greater equality. This is the first time Glaze celebrated International Women’s Day for its dynamic female staff in the corporate office.

    On this special occasion, an exclusive luncheon for the women staff in the company was organized with the Management. They were bestowed upon special tags and after watching a mouthful of motivational videos on women empowerment, the Management expressed admiration and gratitude for all the wonderful women present. The event left behind beautiful memories to be cherished by every single woman in Glaze.   See Images...

  • ICB Training for Distributors

    Date: 11-14/February/2015
    Source: Recently, Glaze hosted Informatics and Computer Basics (ICB) Training for 19 distributors of Diamond and Global Diamond level in its Head office from 11-14 February 2015. This is Glaze’s second philanthropic initiative towards spreading computer literacy amongst its sales force. The four day training program started with basic introduction to computers and spanned over to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, internet access and security. The final day was concluded with certificate distribution for all participants. This training initiative is a collaborative effort between Glaze and ST Foundation to propagate computer awareness and help people feel technologically empowered. Like earlier, this training was a great success.   See Images...