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    Mundrika Gope


    Hardship is the new definition of success

    In the world of psychology, there is a big discussion of the book 'Mindset' written by Professor Karel Dwek. In this, Karel decodes the code of success-failure saying that there ar ...

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    Bhagat Singh Mahla


    Dreams get a new speed

    If you have the passion to achieve something in life and have a strong desire for it, success will be rewarded to you for sure. The story of the life of Bhagat Singh Mahla, was not the same as it is tod ...

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    Sunny Verma


    The height of success with self-respect

    When the intentions are strong and there is passion in the heart for success, then no matter how many obstacles arise, the human being reaches its destination. With such a passion, S ...

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    Nasim Akhtar


    Freedom of living my life

    The global diamond distributor is that ladder of the Galway business, after climbing it, a men personality becomes like a star. It has a network of thousands of Galway Shops team, which earns them ...

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    Yelimela Mahender Reddy


    A young man who fought with his destiny

    A family's happy life has young foundations. The stronger the foundation, the higher the building.

    Actually, until a family does not develop, society will not develop an ...

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