Sarbjeet Singh Arneja receives the Guest of Honor award at NMA Awards 2023
Created on 2023-05-17 11:30:34 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Stepping towards the goal with unwavering strides,
Undeterred by difficulties that collide,
Victory is certain for those who possess
Galwian zeal and put their heart to the test.

Yes… When a Galwians surges forward in the Galway business with unwavering diligence, undeterred by any obstacle in his path, the company's ingenious business plan, lucrative income components, and tantalizing bonuses like car travel and housing transform him into a triumphant victor, winning every wager of success.

Over the past 19 years, Galway Business has paved the way for a legion of thousands of winners. The triumph of these winners is the true triumph of Galway Business, and it fills us all with a sense of pride that this victorious streak is carving new records of success year after year. As a brand and a business, Galway Business has garnered numerous national and international awards, including the prestigious titles of Best Direct Selling Company, Best Brand, and Great Leadership, a testament to its excellence in the industry.

Guest of Honour at Network Marketing Awards 2023

Although Galway Business receives awards from various prestigious institutions every year in different fields, whether it be the International Award from Asia One Magazine or the IDSA award. Galway Business has added another accolade and milestone in its journey. On April 21, 2023, the "Network Marketing Awards 2023" was held at the five-star hotel, The Taj Palace in the capital. The event was organized by 'Real Art Picture' and 'Pry Travels.'

This event distributes awards to prestigious direct selling companies across the country based on their achievements each year. This year, the grand event was held, and renowned personalities in the network marketing industry participated. Galway Business received a special honor waving the flag of its success, the Guest of Honor award. Yes, during the Network Marketing Awards 2023, Director Shri Sarbjeet Singh Arneja was honoured with this special award.

Nevertheless, in this event, Bollywood actress Mandira Bedi and former IAS officer Hem Pandey were also present as chief guests. During the program, the organizer Yaminiji praised Sarabjeet Sir's simplicity, humility, and leadership, urging all networkers to learn from him.

In this program honored those companies that are succeeding in direct selling ethically. It is evident that Galway Business has been serious about this matter not just today but since its establishment 19 years ago. It trains all its Galwian to work ethically and adheres to all government guidelines and Indian Direct Selling Association's directives. That is why the company has various quality and certification certificates.

Heading towards a Golden Future

Anyway, the Network Marketing Awards Institute organized the 'Network Marketing Awards' last year as well, and Galway Business played the role of the winner in that season too. It is noteworthy that in the previous season, the company's director Sarbjeet Singh Arneja was honored with the 'Network Marketing Entrepreneurial Excellence Award 2022'. Year after year, this honor proves that Galway Business is rapidly advancing towards its golden future and being honoured by institutions such as IDSA and NMA is a testament and important achievement of the hard work and dedication of every Galwian.

Friends, this series of success and honor is not just for today. We and you have to achieve many victories of success, touch many milestones, and establish Galway Business as the most successful role model in the direct selling industry.

So, let's put Galway business on the map and show the world what we're capable of.