Marigold Flower Cultivation with Galway Krisham Products
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Marigold Planting is carried out during rainy season winter and summer season hence flowers of marigold can be had almost throughout the year. Marigold is propagated through seeds.

Marigold is a very useful and easy to grow flowering plant. It is mainly a decorative crop. This open grow flowers basically grown for garlands and multipurpose. Along with this, it also plays an important role in decorating the pavilion in marriage. It is a very suitable plant for flowerbeds and herbaceous borders. It can be cultivated throughout the year. And its flowers have great importance in religious and social festivals. African marigold and French marigold are mainly cultivated in India.

Marigold flower season in India  Major varieties of marigold are grown in India like Nugget, Tetra, Spud Red, Yellow Nugget, Red Glue Gold and Rusty Red. Although marigold flower can be cultivated throughout the year, the best season for this is from September to October. If the marigold flower crop is not treated properly, then the chances of getting many types of diseases like reverse dryness, black spot, powdery mildew, rust and virus increases in it.

Marigold flower cultivation

• For Field soil treatment, as per acre, mix 1 liter of G-Biophosphate Advance and G-Potash Advance in 400 to 600 kg of decomposed cow dung and spread it all over the field

• For seed treatment mix 10 ml of G-Biophosphate or G-Potash Advance in per kg of seed, dry it in the shade and then sow in the field.

• For plant treatment, treat the roots of plants by mixing 250 ml G-Biophosphate Advance or G-Potash Advance in 60 to 80 liters of water. After 5 to 7 days from sowing Use 16 kg Nitrogen, 32 kg Phosphorous, 32 kg. potash, 10 kg G-C Power/G-C Prom Advance, 4kg G-WAM.

• After 30 days, spray the mix of 1 liter G-NPK and 100 ml G-Bio Humic in 100 to 150 liters of water.

• At the time of flowering spray the mix of 100 ml G-Amino Plus and 100 ml of G-C Liquid mixed with 100 to 150 liters of water.

So friends, in this way you can increase your income very much by cultivating marigold flowers.