Get advanced crop of peas with Galway Krisham Products
Created on 2022-11-16 17:21:37 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Pea crop has become a major cash crop today. Because peas are being used extensively in the processed food and bhujia industry. It occupies an important place in pulse crops. While cultivation of peas can yield yields in less time, it is also helpful in increasing the fertility of the land. If it is cultivated according to the crop rotation, then the land becomes fertile. Rhizobium bacteria present in peas are helpful in making the soil fertile.

If it is cultivated with Galway Krisham between the months of October and November, then along with high yields, huge profits can be earned.

Pea cultivation in India- Pea cultivation in India is mostly done in the northern states. Many types of its varieties are grown in India, in which Jawahar-4, Arkil, Kashi Mukt, Kashi Uday, Pant Uphaar and P-8 are prominent. Due to lack of proper care, the cultivation of peas is often prone to diseases like mildew asita, white biglan, powdery asita, ocher, uktha, scorch.

Auxiliary products of Galway Krisham in plant growth and their method of use-

For pea crop, apply one liter of G-Derma Plus or G-Bio phosphate with 10 kg G-Sea Power or 10 kg G-Prom Advance in 100 kg cow dung manure before plowing. 4 ml. at the time of seed treatment Use G-Potash Advance per kg of seed with light watering. Before irrigation in the field, take Urea + DAP as per requirement. Also, use 10 kg G-Sea Power / G-Prom Advance and after irrigation use 20 ml. Take spray of G-Amino Plus mixed with 15 liters of water.

20 ml before flowering G-Bio Humic and 20 ml Take spray of G-Sea Liquid mixed with 15 liters of water. 20 ml before fruit ripening. Take spray of G-Amino Plus and G-Sea Liquid mixed with 15 liters of water. So farmer brothers, in this way you can increase the fertility of your fields along with your income by cultivating peas with the effective products of Galway Krisham.