Galwians attended SEP workshop to learn about Self-Power & Self-Healing
Created on 2022-11-29 11:16:44 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Like every month, online SEP training was organized by SEP trainers in the month of October, 2022 as well. In all these trainings, the trainers imparted the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to the participants from different states in an online manner.

In all these trainings, more than 220 participants successfully learned and understood about meditation as well as self-power, self-healing etc.

SEP trainers Durgeshwari Singh, Sudhir Kumar, Mausam Kumari and Sanjeev Das from Orissa and West Bengal and Sunny and Ramkishan from Bihar and Chhattisgarh provided training to the participants.