Loyal Customer Club (LCC): A fabulous Gift to make it Big
Created on 2022-07-27 12:03:12 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Recently, Galway's Shoorveer event was organized at Five Star Hotel in Delhi. All the Galwians received many gifts during this splendid event. During this, apart from the Achievers Certificate, Health and Business talk show, the surprise gift that won the hearts of every Galwian present is the LCC Club.

Galway business plan is the best plan in the direct selling industry, but to make it more beneficial for the Distributors, Founder-Director of Glaze, keeps on adding many great income components from time to time so that every distributor associated with Galway business can get maximum benefits. Keeping this tradition intact, Mr. Chetan Handa ji exclusively launched LCC i.e. Loyal Customer Club through video presentation. Along with this, he also explained that how this new and updated income component will give more bonus points and discounts to every Galwians on the loyal purchase of Galway products and how it will be calculated.

As the presentation of this wonderful surprise gift came to an end, the entire hall reverberated with the distributor's cheers and loud applause. You can contact your Upline for more detailed information regarding this excellent club to make it big in Galway business.