Arun Kumar : Another Dream Car Achiever in Galway Business
Created on 2022-07-29 13:04:20 Posted By : Rajesh Kumar Yadav

The study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science claims that 62% of youngsters aspire to own a car as soon as they can afford one.

And not only the youth but every person of our country has a dream that he too can buy his dream car in his life. That is why even today millions of people in India buy a car first as soon as their business and job is settled. Apart from this, buying a car in EMI is not so easy and millions of people in India belong to such a class where even dreaming of buying a car or a cycle is out of position. How can you buy a car when you don't have bread for two times? In such a situation, whose dreams remain only dreams.

But in the Galway business of Glaze Trading India, which is included in the list of India's number one direct selling company, all the distributors are taught to dream big and make that dream come true.

This is the reason why thousands of people in Galway business have become dream car achievers. One such new dream achiever is named Arun Kumar. Arun Kumar, Star Royal President in Galway Business, has fulfilled his one beautiful dream with his hard work and dedication. He has bought Maruti Suzuki's Wagon R new model car for himself and his family, thanks to Galway Business's handsome income Galway Car Fund.

At the time of car delivery, many senior leaders of Galway business, Mundrika Gop ji, Rajesh Kumar Paswan ji, Sitaram Yadav ji were present with Arun Kumar. On behalf of the entire Glaze family, many congratulations to the Royal President Arun Kumar on his new dream car. This is the power of Network Marketing companies in India or you can say these are the proofs of why Glaze is India's leading direct selling company.