Sunny Verma
Sunny Verma

The height of success with self-respect

When the intentions are strong and there is passion in the heart for success, then no matter how many obstacles arise, the human being reaches its destination. With such a passion, Sunny Verma made Galway business his success and then wrote a series of success instances. Let us know how did this story begin start and how it reached its destination.

My new shiny Mercedes-Benz “E”class car is a perfect reflection of my status, my style and my speed. This dream car of mine rises in the same pace as that of me moving towards my destination. That’s why this car worth more than Rs. 65 lakhs is a glory and attraction of my garage and it is my favorite amongst other four cars.

The story of my success also starts in a way that, there are some people who read history for good numbers and there are some people who make history by their name. And, I am one of those who intends to create history. My name is Sunny Verma and I am working on the Global Diamond Distributer Rank in Galway Business.

During the days when I was studying in college, my elder brother Shri Sanjay Verma gave me an opportunity. It was an instance to establish my own business and persuade to fulfill my dreams. This has been the key reason that, I am close on creating history of success today.

Business opportunity

After getting diploma in fashion designing, I was doing graduation from a college in Delhi University. This was when my elder brother Mr. Sanjay Verma suggested to me to do Galway Business. I knew about Galway Business quite well. Because my brother was already doing this business since long and he was on a great rank in Galway Business. I was completely prepared to do Galway Business but my brother said that I should first look at business presentation and, take full training. Only after that I should start business, he said that he is always with me.
After looking into all the things, I saw the business presentation of Galway and then in July 2006, I filled the form for business independent distributorship and took full training.

Journey to reach at the top

Within 5-6 months, Galway helped me earn a handsome amount from the business. One can imagine my success, that in just 2 years my network in Punjab started to grow in such a way that whenever we did a meeting of Galway Business, Ludhiana’s largest auditorium would also seem small for us.

But, as there are changes in nature, the same way changes happened to me as well. In 2011 our business also changed a lot. Government of India issued some guide-lines for Direct Selling Industry. In business changes had to be made according to these guide-lines. Due to these changes my network of about 50 thousand in 5 years ended in a short time.

But during those days my brother Shri Sanjay Verma told me if a man has passion, courage and experience, then even after losing everything he can get his honor and money back just like the earlier times.

New launches

I once again started working hard in business with double enthusiasm

I re-established my business by choosing each individual distributor myself. Slowly my team started to rebuild. In the meantime, in 2017, the company Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. incorporated some new things into business. With these new positive changes, my network team grabbed the speed of growth and now with God’s grace, within a year, I am again at that point where I used to be in 2011. Rather, it should be said that I am far ahead from there.