Bhagat Singh Mahla
Bhagat Singh Mahla

Dreams get a new speed

If you have the passion to achieve something in life and have a strong desire for it, success will be rewarded to you for sure. The story of the life of Bhagat Singh Mahla, was not the same as it is today, But Glaze business made him a star. Today, when it comes out of luxury by riding on the luxurious car Audi Q5 of our dreams, people are forced to press fingers under their teeth after seeing their subsistence. How did he climbed the ladder of success, let’s itself by the words of Bhagat Singh Mahla.

I am a resident of Sikar district of Rajasthan and belong to a Farmer family. My family had so much land that all my expenses and needs were met easily. I was preparing for M.A. the same day that I got a chance to know and understand about the concept of network marketing and MLM business. Actually, I was so impressed with the concept of direct marketing that from the beginning, I wanted to start direct marketing business with a good company.

Found the way to success
There is a famous saying that, when the intention is good, the paths are found on its own. I too got the path of success. My friend Vikram Singh Solet had shown the way to fulfill my dreams. He told me about the Galway Business. I had already understood the concept of direct selling, so now I just had to come to Delhi with them and understand the system of Galway Business. Following this, I came to Delhi and when I came here, I saw the business presentation of Galway and then immediately decided to start Galway Business.

Forgot the importance of training
After starting Galway Business, I made my intention to make money quickly. Through this business, I wanted to fulfill my desires which I could not complete with the money in the restricted area, but here I made a huge mistake. It was a mistake to not participate in the company's training programs. Because of not taking the training, I did not even have the tradition of taking training in my team whose huge cost I had to pay. Now the mistake was mine, so I had to improve myself. First of all, I took all the training related to business for trends, and also trained my downline and then got involved in business as per my senior. Today I'm a GDD and my team is also not far behind. They are also moving in the same way as I am moving forward. Today I have fulfilled all my dreams along with my team dreams. Today I have two families. One where I was born and the other where my business associates are. This journey of my success was never fulfilled if my seniors did not accompany me.