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5 Must Have Qualities in a Direct Selling Leader

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Leadership qualities are a must have to succeed in direct sales.  Have you ever asked yourself “How can I be a good direct sales leader?”  No one ever feels like a good leader.  If you have even a few qualities of leadership, you are a better team leader than you thought! As a leader in Direct Selling, the key to your success rests on your ability to quickly identify those with the following leadership traits:

1) Interpersonal Communication- In the best direct marketing companies in India good leaders must be able to interact with other people in a way that feels genuine. This does not mean you have to be an extrovert or a people-person to be a leader - there are many excellent leaders who self-identify as introverts! Rather, it means being able to demonstrate empathy, engaging in active listening, and building meaningful working relationships with those around you, whether they are a peer or a direct report.

2) Integrity- As one of the most important skills, integrity is about committing to something and then following through on your promises. This certainly builds trust and loyalty within your team. Integrity could include actions such as:

  • Standing firm on what you believe in and speaking out when something isn’t right
  • Demonstrating the courage and determination to pursue a course of action even when it presents complex challenges and obstacles and the outcome is far from certain

The best leaders are those who can remain in control and calm, even when those around them are having doubts or debating whether it is the right decision.

 3) Organized-  There is such a thing as “organized chaos” – and many Leaders understand this term very well. You do not have to have everything “alphabetical, color-coded, smallest to largest order” however, being able to quickly put your hands on something is imperative.  Remember also that your team will mirror you – if you are organized and in control, they will work to be as well. Find a system that works for you, and then teach it to your team.

4) Superior communication skills- If you’re naturally a great communicator, you’re in luck.  In every top direct selling companies this is a must quality. But even if you’re not, if you’re determined, it is possible to significantly improve your communication skills and reap the benefits in your life and in your business. This includes becoming a better listener who asks questions to gain clearer understanding; a better connector, because people do business with those they know, like, and trust; and presenter, because being able to demonstrate your products or explain your opportunity with confidence is essential.

5) Honesty & Transparency-   Honesty and transparency may not be talked about much as good leadership qualities, but they are vital.  Leaders who are honest and transparent gain trust from team and customers alike.  Our team will follow what we do.  How can they follow if we are not allowing them to see our roadmap?  Team members may not follow our map exactly.  They weave their own path, as they should!  But an honest and transparent leader will guide her downline by example.  Honest leaders own up to mistakes and fix them.  Transparent leaders show that in spite of bumps and detours, this can be done.  As you can see, both leadership qualities matter!



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