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What is Giloy ? What Are The Benefits Of It ?

 गुरुवार, 06 अगस्त 2020 16:57 created by varun bhardwaj   Last modified on शनिवार, 08 अगस्त 2020 06:03 Read 775 times

Giloy, one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacy, is considered an effective treatment for a wide range of ailments—everything from the common cold to skin conditions. Also known as amrit, is one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacy.  Below are some of the incredible benefits of this magical herb:

1) Great for boosting immunity- Amidst the growing pandemic scare, consuming natural giloy juice, kadha or tea can be the best option. The presence of antioxidants in giloy helps in fighting cell damage caused due to the presence of free radicals. Apart from that, giloy extracts are Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for their numerous health benefits. Right from building resistance to fighting bacteria and virus attacks, giloy extracts can help in treating cold, allergies, flu and fever. Moreover, it helps in purifying blood naturally and drinking the combination of Aloe Giloy Plus Juice daily can give your body ample resistance to fight virus attacks like COVID-19.

2) Giloy can help you manage diabetes- Giloy possesses properties that can help you manage diabetes by improving your body’s blood glucose levels. The variety of phytochemicals in its composition work by reducing oxidative stress in the body and boosting natural insulin secretion. A research also states that giloy or Tinospora significantly counterbalanced diabetes-induced oxidative stress in the liver.

3) Reduces Stress and Anxiety- Did you know Giloy can be used as an adaptogenic herb as well? It helps reduce mental stress as well as anxiety. It helps get rid of toxins, boosts the memory, calms you down and makes for an excellent health tonic if combined with other herbs. In fact, giloy powder is used as an active ingredient in medicines used to reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Buy natural health care products‎ which is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help in repairing damaged brain cells.

4) Improves metabolism- Giloy juice helps in easing the bowel movements and helps in improving digestion, the fiber content in giloy extracts help in flushing out the toxins present in the abdominal cavity. Moreover, giloy extract works wonders for constipation, when mixed with other herbs and ingredients. In fact, consuming giloy juice everyday helps in building a strong metabolism and improves absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tracts.

5) Giloy shall help us fight off respiratory issues- The phenomenal anti-inflammatory powers found in this immortal herb can help fight off any common respiratory issues such as frequent cough, cold, tonsillitis. Other than pesky cold and cough, it can also provide relief to asthmatic patients. While symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing make it difficult to treat asthma–giloy can help manage these symptoms better.



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