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Know The Various Categories Of Products That Galway Serves you

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Galway provides best quality of products to their customers. Besides, having this wide range of products, it is also known for its best quality. It deals with beauty care products, health care products and home care products, agricultural products etc. These are the products which we can use in our everyday life.

Below are the various product categories of Glaze:

1) Galway Rupabham (For Beauty Care) - The products under this category is designed to give you a beautiful look. Rupabham offers a full line of skin, body and hair care products catering to men and women alike. Its Haldi Chandan Antiseptic Cream makes your skin glow naturally. All the face wash gives a perfect solution for all your skin problems and maintain moisture and keeps you young. There are various body wash and body lotion to give you a supple soft skin. Its Herbal Panchtatva Shampoo is made of herbs to give you a long and healthy hair.

2) Galway Natural Twist (For Health Care) - Natural Twist products are for the health conscious people. The Green Tea is the best way to start your day with freshness. For your taste we have added two different flavors- Lemon and Mint. Here, you can also get a healthy drink- Aloe Vera juice which is available in Orange flavor too. This range is for people who want to live a fit and healthy life.

3) Galway Srigunam (Men Grooming) - It is equally important for men to keep themselves clean and well groomed.  The products under this range are specifically for the men. Here, you can get all the essentials required for men grooming. From shaving gel to shaving cream -the quality standards are high. Too experiment with your look there is also hair styling gel.

4) Galway Nutriflow (For Fitness) - Keeping the requirements of the proteins Galway introduced its category called Galway Nutriflow which is dedicated to your health. There are protein mix, protein powder, healthy oil and tablets. These powders are essential for a balanced diet that supplies the body with sufficient nutrients to carry out routine tasks and contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals.

5) Galway Grihshoryam (For Home Care) - It is very essential to keep our home neat and clean. With this purpose, Galway introduced its Grihshoryam products which fulfills all the needs of household chores. Here, one can get Air Freshener, Dish Wash, Detergent Powder, Floor Cleaning oil, Hand wash etc. The products will keep your environment neat and clean while maintaining the hygiene.

6) Galway Krisham (For Agricultural Purpose) - A section completely devoted to our Indian farmers. You can get crop protection fertilizer which will act as protection of crops from chemicals, insects and unfavorable climatic conditions.  It helps in growth of plants, flowers and enhances photosynthesis in plants.

7) Galway Dantauram (For Dental Care)- To have a good health it is essential that our teeth and gums are strong and healthy. It is important to take care of our oral health. Keeping this need in mind Dantauram bought its herbal toothpaste and gel. It has all the herbs essential for a healthy, teeth and gum. It fights cavity and gives you a fresh breath throughout the day.

8) Galway Kalkim (For Skin and Beauty Care)- The range of products under this category is designed to enhance the beauty of a women. Its beauty soap, face cream and BB Cream give you a natural beauty leaving a fresh fragrance throughout the days. It is made up of natural ingredients to give you a natural beauty.

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