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Know The Wonders Of Bhringraj Hair Oil

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Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that grows in moist areas. According to Ayurveda, the leaf is considered to be a powerful liver cleanser, and the oil is especially good for the hair. Bhringraj is an Ayurvedic herb to effectively treat hair fall, skin diseases and liver disorders. The botanical name of Bhringraj is Eclipta Alba, it belongs to the family Asteraceae, and its English name is False Daisy. Bhringraj oil is also referred to as ‘Bhringraj Tail’ and it is a classic ayurvedic preparation. It is used to treat gray hair, headache and hair fall. It is the most recommended oil used for hair disorders and it can be used regularly for massaging. It not only induces a feeling of coolness on the head but also provides a calming effect.

Here are some of the benefits of using bhringraj oil –

1) Reduces hair fall- There might be a variety of reasons behind hair loss but you can’t deny the fact that stress is often a monster behind this problem. This is when bhringraj comes into play because it reduces this very problem since it is deeply cooling on the scalp. The effect of that helps in stress-related hair fall. Moreover, the plant, bhringraj contains several herbs that give your scalp the nutrients it has been missing out on thereby reducing hair fall.

2) Dandruff and Dry Scalp- Bhringraj oil has a high specific gravity which makes it dense. This simply means that it can easily penetrate the scalp and helps in treating dry scalp. For dry hair, rub it on your scalp, wrap a steamed towel for five minutes and then massage some more oil again. This helps in deeper absorption and helps in activating the sebaceous glands.   Use Galway Rupabham Bhringraj Hair Oil to get rid of dandruff and leave it on overnight.

3) Early Greying of Hair- Jatamansi and Bhringraj substances present in the Bhringraj oil treats and prevents premature graying of hair. The natural color of the hair can also be restored by use of this oil and that further prevents grey hair. To gain the desired results it is very important that the oil is used for long- term.

4) Cures baldness- An effective solution of reducing the problem of baldness is bhringraj. Bhringraj oil aids in blood circulation, which means it promotes hair growth and deals with something as severe as baldness too. Since it is also deeply moisturizing, it works as a natural conditioner for your tresses.

5) Adds Shine- Bhringraj oil is known to improve the hair quality and also get rid of split ends. "Mix bhringraj oil with coconut oil, amla and shikakai to prepare a nourishing hair conditioner. This DIY conditioner can be stored in a container and used over a period of time. This treatment nurtures the scalp and makes the hair stronger.



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