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Dedicated to Men

The ancient Nyaya philosophy describes characteristics of all created things in terms of 24 gunas, for instance, rupa (appearance), gandha (smell) or sparsha (touch).

Srigunam is a blend of Sri (Male) and Guna (Quality), and the products under this rage are dedicated to men, promising to enhance their inherent, natural characteristics.

As men tend to play many roles and have work-related priorities, they are left with very little room to take care of their appearance and hygiene. Here Srigunam range comes to their rescue with a range of convenient and finest grooming solutions to meet the specific male needs and aspirations.

With Srigunam, you need not worry about exposure to the sun and pollution that can cause darkening of the skin or heavy perspiration that can become the cause of embarrassing body odour. With our products, dishevelled hair and neglected unkempt beard are things of the past.

Srigunam products are designed to take tender care of tough male skin, besides ensuring confident and handsome appearance for men of all ages at all times.