Santraj Kumar
Santraj Kumar

Flight of success with encouragement

Someone has told the truth that the greater the misery, the greater the chances of getting happiness. Because, when a man is fed up with his sorrows, he makes every effort to find a way to get rid of his sorrows. This search of man leads him to the path of happiness through which the meaning of living life changes only after few steps. Fame comes in the air andthe stars of happiness start tingling in the mind. But in order to move forward on the path of happiness, a plant of determination has to be grown in the mind and it has to be fed with its hard work and persistence. My life was also a living example of suffering.

My name is Santraj Kumar. I was born in a poor farmer family in Nawada district of Bihar. My father's name is Sri Brahmadev Yadav. Father used to spend his life and sweat on a small piece of ancestral land and our only family's income was farming. Due to his efforts, the people of the house used to get their bread in some way but the poverty could not be erased. Due to the misery of life and hard work, I used to feel sad to see the wrinkles that emerged on my father's face ahead of time. I used to think that if I was rich too, my father would not have so much pain and responsibilities on him nor he had to work so hard. This thought made my heart rebellious.

Time gave the opportunity

Time never stops. One who understands the mystery hidden in the music of streams, his life is filled with tone, rhythm and rhythm. I also did not make a mistake in listening to and recognizing the music of the time. It’s just matter of one day. My friend Mithilesh came to me. That day, a special smile was popping on his face. As soon as he came, he told me that I have found a way to fulfill the dream of becoming rich and big. I believe that if you grow on this path with hard work, dedication and faith, then you will definitely become rich. Mithilesh told me that his friend is doing a business. Within a few months of starting the business, his life changed. He wanted to make me his business partner. “You are my childhood friend, so I want both of us to start the business together.” The advice of a true friend like Mithilesh could not be denied, so I happily accepted and arrived at that place the next day. On seeing me, Mithilesh hugged me. Many other people were also present there with him. Everyone spoke very affectionately. It was a very cheerful atmosphere. I learned in detail about the business through presentation in the same environment.

Start of Success

I immediately filled the form and took the Distributorship of Glaze. Now I had to buy some products to open the Galway home shop, for which I had no money. I spoke to my friends and relatives to arrange the money, but none of my friends or relatives could agree to help me due to their financial problems. Finally, after a day or two, Dad gave me money to buy Galway products. I bought the products from that money and opened the home shop.

My upline had contributed in establishing my business. With their support and guidance, I built my team and helped to open my business.

If I tell the truth, the way every successful businessman has a secret of success, I too have a secret. It was during the training of Glaze Business that I realized that this business is a business of duplication. Duplication means that you have to imitate your senior.

Today I am a Global Diamond Distributor in Glaze Business. To become a Global Diamond Distributor in Glaze Business simply means to live a life full of wealth and fame. I have bought a huge flat from my business earnings. Today, my parents and family have been blessed with wealth and fame, only because of the Glaze business. In fact, Glaze can turn a stone into gold.