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  • Glaze Sponsors SpeakIn Conclave 2016

    Date: November 23rd, 2016
    Place: Le Meridian, New Delhi
    Source: Glaze sponsors the Gathering of Great Minds: SpeakIn Conclave 2016 Eminent leaders gathered on a common platform, delivering highly inspiring talks! Glaze Trading India was proud to be the sponsor of such an unforgettable Speak In Conclave, held on 23 Nov, 2016 at Le Meridian, New Delhi. The prestigious event, centred on the leadership theme, was characterized by an active participation from Glaze directors Sh. Sanjeev Chhibber , Sh. Sarabjeet Singh and Sh. Sanjay Verma and other senior management officials. Seven distinguished speakers Prahlad Kakkar, MD Genesis; Dilip Cherian, Managing Partner Perfect Relations; Gaur Gopal Das, ISKCON; Dr. Rajdeep Manwani, National Awardee; Prof Dishan Kamdar, Deputy Dean, Indian School of Business ; Anand Kumar, Founder Super 30, and Dr A Velumani, MD Thyrocare, fascinated the audience with enlightening discourses on leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics and values. The conclave ended with lessons on life and leadership in person by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In his address, he shared 5 Cs for effective leadership: Context, Commitment, Compassion, Connectivity, & Communication. #Glaze looks forward to contribute its bit to such inspiring events where path-breaking ideas are churned out!

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  • Glaze 13th Anniversary Celebration (Day 3)

    Date: November 13th, 2016
    Place: Cuttack, Odisha
    Source: Memorable Day 3 of the Glaze 13th Anniversary event at Cuttack. The Day 3 of the 13th Anniversary celebrations of Glaze Trading India began with large number of company distributors, franchisees and other senior members of Glaze. The ceremony was graced with the presence of Shri Prasanna Patasam (MP - BJD) , Shri Lalatendu Das (Senior Advocate , Cuttack) and Shri Sambit Mishra (Advocate Sale Tax ) as Chief Guests who expressed their thanks to the Glaze Management for inviting them to witness the memorable celebrations. They also did the honour – along with other senior Glaze members to launch new products under Galway Colourline and Rupabham ranges. There was a enough dose of entertainment with Amit Dance Group , Sabyasachi Mishra (Actor) , Abhijit Majumdar (Singer) , Mimicry & Comedian Nonsense Mani delighting the audience with their extraordinary presentations.

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  • Glaze 13th Anniversary Celebration (Day 2)

    Date: November 12th, 2016
    Place: Cuttack, Odisha
    Source: Unforgettable moments of the Day 2 of 13th Anniversary of Glaze held at Cuttack Day 2 of the 13th Anniversary function of Glaze Trading India held at #Cuttack was imbued with colours of joy, excitement and enthusiasm coupled with a sense of discipline shown by all the participants. It was reflected in the planned, systematic and organised way with which the event was conducted despite a vast gathering comprising thousands of distributors (inclusive of GDD level), company top officials and distinguished guests present at the venue. Chief Guests Sh. Bhaskar Nayak (BJP Leader , Rayagada District Odisha) and Sh. Sameer Mohanty (Vice President , BJP , Odisha) conveyed their thanks to Glaze management for making them a part of the mega anniversary celebrations.

    They spoke highly of the wonderful landmarks achieved by Glaze since its inception 13 years ago. They also did the honour – along with other senior Glaze members – of launching new products under the Colourline and Rupabham range of Galway. In between these proceedings, the participants were provided a feast of entertainment with extraordinary performances by Amit Dance Group, actress Jina Samal, singer Satyajeet Pradhan, and mimicry artist & comedian Ravi Kumar. As the day neared its end, deserving distributors and syndicate members were showered with honours and rewards.

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  • Glaze 13th Anniversary Celebration (Day 1)

    Date: November 11th, 2016
    Place: Cuttack, Odisha
    Source: The 13th anniversary of Glaze rocks the city of Cuttack The 13th anniversary celebrations of Glaze Trading India are being held nationwide. Cuttack, the commercial capital of Odisha, played host to the state section of the anniversary, held from 11th November to 13th Nov 2016. In the true Glaze style, the function was organised on a mega scale with the keen participation of a large number of company distributors, franchisees and other senior members of Glaze.

    The ceremony was graced with the presence of Shri Bhaskar Nayak (BJP Leader , Rayagada District Odisha ) & Shri Lalatendu Das (Senior Advocate , Cuttack) as Chief Guests who expressed their thanks to the Glaze Management for inviting them to witness the memorable celebrations. The honourable guests also took the opportunity to launch new products under Galway’s Colourline and Rupabham ranges, reflecting the expansion of Galway’s rich product portfolio. In between the corporate proceedings, several musical, dance and comic shows were performed by Aryan Dance Group, singer Sidhu Patankar and Vaishnavi Roy and mimicry artist Chandrasekhar. Towards the end, deserving distributors and syndicate members were honoured and rewarded with incentives by the senior management of the company. The event left an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of all those fortunate to witness the 13th anniversary function of Glaze in Odisha.

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  • The 13th Anniversary of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. held on a grand scale in Delhi

    Date: October 15th, 2016
    Place: IGI Stadium, New Delhi
    Source: In keeping with the mega scale of all Glaze events, the 13th anniversary of Glaze Trading India was celebrated with great fanfare at Delhi's Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on October 15, 2016. The occasion was graced by the presence of Founder Directors Shri Chetan Handa and Shri Sanjeev Chhibber, Directors Shri Sarabjit Singh and Shri Sumit Kohli, CEO Shri Amarnath Sengupta and Ms.Jyoti Chopra (Director Quality and Business Process). The event was also attended by several prominent political leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party such as Smt. Renu Devi (Vice President, Bhartiya Janata Party), Shri Ashish Sood (Member Standing Committee, SDMC, General Secretary, BJP Delhi, Municipal Councillor, Janakpuri), Shri Ramesh Bidhuri (Member of Parliament (M.P.), General Secretary BJP (Delhi) , Sh. Kaushal Jha (Additional Advocate General, Bihar) , Sh. Shyam Lal Garg (Ex. M.L.A. Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Sr. Leader & Koshadhyaksh BJP Delhi ). The entire stadium was packed to its capacity as more than 15 thousand independent distributors of Glaze, who had come from across the country, participated in the mega celebrations.

    The grand opening of the program began with the announcement of the appointment of Shri Sanjay Verma as the company's fifth Director for his exemplary services to the company. Subsequently, the Aasma Dance Group presented Ganesh Vandana to start off the proceedings on an auspicious note.

    The highlight of the programme was the launch of the cosmetic range of Galway Colourline. Under this category, 12-12 shades of lipstick and nail polish enamel were launched. Besides, three shades of Urban Blend Liquid Foundation, two shades of Urban Blend Compact powder and two shades of Mystique Liquid Liner saw the light of the day.

    Under Galway Rupabham category, Pomegranate & Plum Body Wash, Pomegranate & Grape Seed Body Lotion , Goat Milk Shower Cream , Goat Milk Body Lotion , Goat Milk Moisturizing Soap and hand cleansers in three scents Orange, Black Currant and Strawberry were unveiled. After the launch of these products, the entire hall reverberated with thunderous applause.

    Another highlight of the 13th Anniversary celebrations was the distribution of cheques of huge incentives to independent distributors with highly impressive sale. The delegates sitting in the hall felt a great motivation to come out with outstanding performance when the cheques were received by their meritorious senior colleagues.

    Towards the end, certificates and souvenirs were presented to the volunteers of Self Empowerment Program By Dr. Romshri (Manisha Ashesh) and Digitalya by Ms.Jyoti Chopra in recognition of their contribution to the CSR initiatives of Glaze.

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  • Congratulations to Sh. Sanjay Verma On Becoming Glaze Director

    Date: October 15th, 2016
    Place: New Delhi
    Source: Honouring and rewarding outstanding performers has been a long and cherished tradition with Glaze Trading India. In keeping with this spirit, the 13th Anniversary celebrations of the company organised at the sprawling Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in the national capital began on an inspiring note.

    Founding Director Sh. Chetan Handa announced the elevation of Sh. Sanjay Verma to the position of Director, in recognition of the exceptional hard work, dedication and commitment he has displayed to the continuous growth of the company. The announcement led to thunderous clapping with all those present giving a standing ovation in honour of a true leader and motivator.

    Sh. Sanjay Verma needs no introduction. He has earned compliments in Glaze as Mr. Perfectionist who loves to perform each and every task entrusted to him by going into the minutest details so that the end result exceeds the target set for it. Besides being a committed professional, he possesses great warmth, wisdom, and an ability to build abiding relationships with all those working for Glaze or associated with it.

    He has in-depth knowledge of the direct selling industry and each and every detail about the fast-growing Galway product range and the operating procedures. He is also blessed with problem- solving abilities and has introduced several new initiatives for improvement and innovation.

    Glaze looks forward to several new milestones to be achieved under the Directorship of Sh. Sanjay Verma. Heartiest congratulations to him for a richly deserved promotion!

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  • Independence Day Celebrations at Glaze Office

    Date: August 12th, 2016
    Place: Janapuri, New Delhi
    Source: Celebrating the Independence Day with pride and patriotism at its nationwide offices has always been a long tradition with ‎Glaze Trading India‬. This time, the New Delhi head office of the company wore an awesome, festive look on the eve of this historic day. The occasion turned all the more special as 15th August, 2016 marks the 70th Independence Day of our beloved country.
    Also, it is in this month only that we are celebrating the 13th Anniversary of Glaze. All this lent all the more zing and colour to the ambience. Addressing the Glaze staff and associates on this occasion, CEO Sh. Amarnath Sengupta dwelt upon the great strides taken by the country as well as Glaze on the path of continuous growth.

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  • Glaze organises Yoga Session on International Yoga Day 2016

    Date: June 21st, 2016
    Place: Janapuri, New Delhi
    Source: Presenting the whole mankind as one big family, the second International Day of Yoga was celebrated worldwide on June 21, 2016, endorsed by an unprecedented 175 countries. It is a tribute to the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the United Nations declared June 21 to be commemorated as International Day of Yoga every year. The universal appeal of Yoga was evident in the whole country as people took a keen part in the celebrations with the Prime Minister pitching Yoga as a viable solution for all illnesses.

    In sync with the global celebrations of International Yoga Day, and to contribute its bit to the rising popularity of Yoga, Glaze Trading India organised a yoga session in New Delhi’s Janakpuri area. BJP General Secretary and Area Councillor Ashish Sood graced the programme as Chief Guest, in the presence of company directors Mr Sarabjit Singh, Mr Sumit Kohli, senior management functionaries Mr Sanjay Verma and Mr Kush Kumar, apart from hundreds of employees of the Glaze head office.

    Well-known yoga guru Shri Sandeep Arya taught various Yoga postures and Pranayama to all those present on the occasion in simple ways. He highlighted the importance of Yoga in today's life and conducted the programme with participants attentively performing Yoga under his supervision.

    In his address, Mr. Ashish Sood said that Yoga has given a new identity to India as people all over the world are embracing it to live a healthy and spiritual life.

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  • Glaze Trading India has participated in Kisan Divas

    Date: March 9, 2016
    Place: Kotkapura, Punjab
    Source: Glaze Trading India has participated in Kisan Divas at Kotkapura (Punjab) on 9th Match 2016. The one day Kisan Divas (March 9th 2016) has been organised by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). This mela exhibits new techniques of farming to the farmers as well as sell new hybrid quality seeds of food grains to them.The farmers from different parts of the state eagerly participate in the mela and have shown great interest in the Galway Agro Products.

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  • Farmers throng Glaze Stall at Kisan Mela, Ludhiana, Punjab

    Date: March 18-19, 2016
    Place: Ludhiana, Punjab
    Source: Glaze Trading India has been taking a keen part in the Kisan Mela at Ludhiana (Punjab), inaugurated by Shri Rajinder Bhandari, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Board. The two-day Kisan Mela (March 18-19, 2016) has been organised by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).

    Glaze Trading India has found it a great opportunity to promote its agro products developed on the principles of organic farming. The Mela has turned out to be a great platform for the farmers to get themselves educated about the latest products and technology in the agricultural field. They have shown great interest in the Glaze stall showcasing Galway Agro Products. It is a happy sight to see them interact with the Glaze representatives.

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  • Digital Education Drive launched by Glaze Trading India

    Date: 06th-7th/March/2016
    Place: SK Premium Hotel , Delhi
    Source: In keeping with the Digital Education Drive launched by Glaze Trading India, a training programme was organized for Syndicate and RC members during 6th March -7th March 2016 at SK Premium Hotel , Delhi. The participants were trained into all aspects of digital transformation of work. The top functionaries of Glaze Distributors Network took keen interest in imbibing the skills for digital functioning.

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  • International Women's Day Celebrated at Glaze Head Office

    Date: 08th/March/2016
    Place: Delhi Head Office
    Source: In Modern Society Women are playing stellar role, even those that are challenging the males. More importantly their magnificent presence in Family Building, Society Development is stupendous. Nowadays, Women are emerging out of their conventional responsibilities, realizing their unlimited potential. With such changing trends it has been the Play and Power of Women.
    For appreciating and expressing gratitude to this Women Power, Glaze Trading India celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2016 for its dynamic female staff at its corporate office.

    On this special occasion, each of the female staff shared their experience as to why they feel Special and different from others. A video on Self Defense was also shown so as to make them stand with their Bravery Power. Mr. Amarnath Sengupta, the CEO of the company addressed the gathering and expressed admiration for all the wonderful women present.
    The event left behind mesmerizing memories to be cherished by everyone in Glaze.

    Indeed; Woman is beautiful, gentle, motherly yet powerful and has got everything to take the World in their Stride.

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  • The 12th Anniversary of Glaze celebrated in Kolkata

    Date: 17th/Feb/2016
    Place: Kolkata, West Bengal
    Source: Mega achievements call for celebrations on a grand scale. The 12th Anniversary of Glaze Trading India, celebrated in Delhi, has now become a nationwide affair, in keeping with the company's countrywide footprints. Recently, it was the turn of the City of Joy, Kolkata to hold the 12th anniversary celebrations graced by presence of company director Mr Sarabjeet Singh, Syndicate and RC members.

    The event saw the participation of more than 12000 Glaze business associates from across the country. They applauded and cheered every word of the motivating talks delivered by Mr Sarabjeet Singh and Star GDD Mr Sanmol Kumar. A series of entertaining and engaging cultural programmes marked this occasion in sync with the Galway way of life.

    The celebrations became an unforgettable affair as they co-incided with the launching of the new range of Galway Nutriflow in eastern India.

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  • Computer Training session conducted at Digitalya Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning

    Date: 27th-30th/January/2016
    Place: Bhubaneswar
    Source: Imparting digital literacy is the mission undertaken by Digitalya towards the realisation of the noble goal of Digital India at the grassroots level. Aiding the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the CSR arm of Glaze Trading India believes in participative governance.

    In keeping with this commitment to the country, Digitalya conducted another Computer Training Session at its Bhubaneswar centre of learning from 27th January 2016 to 30th January 2016

  • Glaze recognizes excellence: Certification Distribution Ceremony at Bhubaneswar

    Date: 25th/January/2016
    Place: Bhubaneswar
    Source: January 2016 has been a very special month for Digitalya, the digital literacy programme undertaken by Glaze Trading India‬ across the country. During this month, several computer training batches were conducted at the company's Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning.

    To mark the successful completion of various training sessions, Glaze Management organized a Certification Distribution Ceremony on 25th January 2016. A sense of pride was visible on the faces of recipients of the certificate as they were cheered and applauded by all those present during the grand ceremony.

  • Glimpse of Digitalya Family Batch organized in Delhi

    Date: 15th,16th,22nd and 23rd January/2016
    Place: Delhi
    Source: Age is no bar for learning. Adding a new dimension to Digital Education, Digitalya successfully organized a Family Batch in Delhi wherein family members, friends and relatives were imparted ICB training into the fundamentals of computer education. The batch included participants aged 18 to 60 years and beyond. Thus, Glaze Trading India is spreading the light of computer literacy to the extended family and friends network, expanding the horizons of Digital India in a big way.

  • Stepping up Digital Education

    Date: 21st - 24th/January/2016
    Place: Bhubaneswar
    Source: Continuing with its Computer Education spree, Digitalya organized another training session from 21st January 2016 to 24th January 2016 at the Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning.

  • Digitalya conducts computer training at Alwar

    Date: 18th - 21st/January/2016
    Place: Alwar
    Source: Digitalya, the CSR initiative of Glaze Trading India, is lighting up the lives of the citizens of India with the bright sparks of digital education across various regions. In fact, the Team Digitalya is working tirelessly to contribute its bit to the realisation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of Digital India.

    As part of its uninterrupted educational series, Digitalya, with the support of ST Foundation, organized a computer training session from 18th January 2016 to 21st January 2016 at ST Foundation's Alwar Centre of Learning.

  • Digitalya trains another batch in computer skills

    Date: 15th - 18th/January/2016
    Place: Bhubaneswar and Haridwar
    Source: Imparting computer training is a continuous process at the Digitalya initiative of Galway Foundation. And it leads to a multiplying effect as those who are trained in the fundamentals of computer education carry forward the baton of knowledge to benefit hundreds of others.

    The Team Digitalya successfully conducted a batch of computer training at its Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning from 15th January 2016 to 18th January 2016.
    Similarly, with the support of ST Foundation, it conducted another computer training session at ST Foundation's Haridwar Centre of Learning from 15th January 2016 to 18th January 2016.

  • Digitalya trains another batch in computer skills

    Date: 10th - 13th/January/2016
    Place: Bhubaneswar
    Source: There seems to be no stopping Digitalya from enriching the lives of the citizens of India with the light of computer education. The energy displayed by the Team Digitalya in accomplishing its task of ushering in digital empowerment at the grassroots level is simply unbelievable.

    This CSR initiative of Glaze Trading India took a step further towards realisation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mission of Digital India by successfully conducting another batch of computer training at the state-of-the-art Digitalya Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning. The training was held from 10th January 2016 to 13th January 2016.

  • Glaze celebrates National Youth Day in Lucknow

    Date: 12th/January/2016
    Place: Lucknow
    Source: India has the largest youth population in the world as around 66 per cent of our total population (more than 808 million) is below the age of 35. These young men and women, bubbling with energy, need role models to inspire and motivate them. And, none be a better youth icon than Swami Vivekananda who symbolised youth power with inner strength, wisdom and grace. His birthday (January 12) is celebrated as the National Youth Day every year.

    GlazeTradingIndia took keen part in National Youth Day 2016 celebrations in Lucknow, with a large gathering of distributors. On this occasion, GDD Mr. Umesh Chaurasia, RC Mr Shiv Shankar and Mr GS Sharma shared their views to motivate their co-workers on the path of continuous progress.   See Images...

  • Encouraging response to Galway Products in the 3rd Assam International Agri Horti Show 2016

    Date : 9th/January/2016
    Place : Guwahati, Assam
    Source: Glaze Trading India exhibited a wide bouquet of its agricultural products under the Krisham range at the 3rd Assam International Agri-Horti Show 2016 held at the College of Veterinary Science in Guwahati from 6th January to the 9th January 2016.
    Organized by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in association with Directorate of Horticulture & Food recessing & the Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Assam, the event was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Tarun Gogoi. It witnessed participation from 30 international exhibitors, 100 National exhibitors and 400 state level organizations.
    The large number of farmers who visited the Glaze pavilion at the Show gave extremely positive and encouraging response to the company's vast range of agricultural products. They participated in the training program and learnt about how to maximize their yield using Galway Agri Products.   See Images...

  • Digitalya begins the New Year 2016 on positive note

    Date: 6th - 9th/January/2016
    Source: Digitalya, the CSR initiative of ‪Glaze Trading India‬, is going from strength to strength as it imparts digital literacy across the country. Headed by its charismatic mentor Ms Jyoti Chopra, the ‪Digitalya Program‬ has now further carried on the good work in the New Year by conducting a batch of computer training at its Bhubaneswar Centre of Learning from 6th to 9th January 2016.

  • Katni hosts Anniversary celebrations of Glaze

    Date: 3rd/January/2015
    Place: Katni, Madhya Pradesh
    Source: On 3rd January 2016, the 12th Anniversary celebrations of‪ ‎Glaze Trading India reached the famous town of Katni, located on the banks of the Katni River in Madhya Pradesh. Celebrating its proud association with Katni, one of largest railway junctions in India, Glaze Trading India organised its Anniversary ceremony here on such a grand scale that it became an event to cherish for the people of Katni. There was a large gathering of more than 5000 people, several franchises, direct distributors and senior members of the great Glaze family. The occasion was made memorable with the launch of Galway’s new healthcare range in the presence of GDD level distributors, Syndicate/RC members and top company functionaries. In between the proceedings, more than enough dose of entertainment was provided by celebrity performers. They delighted the audience with their artistic portrayals.   See Images...

  • 2016's First Day Happiness at Glaze Head Office

    Date: 1st/January/2015
    Source: “As the saying goes, workplace and its environment is the biggest Motivation for any Employee. Glaze Trading India hence proves it each day by spreading smiles on the employee’s face. On the first day of 2016, everyone at Glaze were offered with “Pick What you Need”.   See Images...