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About Galway :-


Galway is official trademark and logo of Glaze Trading. This identity mark, in short, represents not only the product offering of Glaze and the service standards attached therewith, but in totality, represents the entire 'Glaze Way of Life'.

This unique brand identity covers every perceivable quality standard that manifest with Glaze and the people associated with them. It is often fondly referred as the symbol of lifestyle of the people associated with Glaze.

Thus Galway stands as the mark of trust representing the principles of "purity, trust, pursuit of excellence and focused customer satisfaction" as enshrined in the vision and mission statement of Glaze.

Pursuit of excellence through Nature, reliance on age old trusted rare and exquisite herbs, combining tradition with technology, in-house collaborative research and development to roll out innovative products of differentiable identity for every user forms the backbone of the humble thought process behind the evolution of GALWAY.
At the same time it is ensured that all the products have proven efficacy, with perfect fusion of quality and creativity while remaining cruelty free and environmentally safe.

With rigorous process driven product development routine and focused customer satisfaction, GALWAY offers selected range of products that are symbolic of purity, trust and owners pride.

It promises care, excellence and value for money proposition, 'FOR YOU FOREVER'.

GALWAY's identity is rooted in 'Made in India' values for manufacturing and quality control, while key ingredients are secured from the best source around the world.

GALWAY's versatile range features an ever-increasing number of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including personal care, skincare, health and nutrition, home care and agri-care apart from premium fabrics amongst others.