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In every industry, you will find such people, who blame their wrong practices and failures on the business they associate with. If the whole medical w...

Millets are one of the oldest foods, these are the small-seeded hardy crops which can grow well in dry zones or rain-fed areas under marginal conditio...

According to a report of World Health Organization around five lakh children under the age of five years die due to diarrhea and around four lakhs o...

Beautiful, healthy and shining teeth attract everyone. While the fragrant freshness of your breath boosts your confidence, bad breath and yellow teeth...

Every organ of our body is important so it is not good to be careless towards any organ of the body. There are some organs if any deformity occurs in...

Success Stories


Janardan Prasad Gupta

Thanks You Galway Business for Changing My Life!

Janardan Prasad Gupta, a resident of district Bhagalpur, Bihar, spent his childhood in poverty. Therefore, apart from hard work, he had no other means...


Subodra Devi (Royal President)

Galway Business turns a Vegetable seller into a Millionaire Businesswoman

I am from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Being the wife of a poor farmer, I could hardly get even two meals a day. There are seven people in my family including my...


Rohit Sharma ( Star Royal President)

A winner who challenged all the difficulties in life

A winner who challenged all the difficulties in lifeSomeone has rightly said that “if I keep walking on the path, then I will become an expert in walk...


Yelimela Mahender Reddy (Star Royal President )

A young man who fought with his destiny

A young man who fought with his destiny A family's happy life has young foundations. The stronger the foundation, the higher the building.Actually, u...


Mundrika Gope ( Royal President)

Hardship is the new definition of success

Hardship is the new definition of success In the world of psychology, "there is a big discussion of the book 'Mindset' written by Professor Karel Dwe...


Nasim Akhtar

Freedom of living my life met

Freedom of living my lifeThe Royal President distributor is that ladder of the Galway business, after climbing it, a men personality becomes like a st...

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