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Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum): Acts as a growth promoter, Removes nutrient deficiencies. Effective soil conditioner.

Based on seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract, this is a unique natural storehouse of organic matter based on vegetative origin seaweed for maximizing yield and better crop quality.


DOSAGE: Broadcast 10kgs per acre. After use, irrigate the field to maintain the moisture level in soil.


*Improves plant nutrient absorption
*Promotes root development
*Stimulates photosynthesis process
*Increases activity of microorganisms in soil
*Helps in crop development after transplanting
*Boosts growth of flower bunches
*Increase resistance against diseases in plants
*Increases the number of spikelets
*Enhances productivity and quality of produce
*Protects the crop in unfavorable climatic conditions
*Prevents falling of flowers

For Agricultural Use only
SHELF LIFE : 3 Years from the date of manufacturing.

  • M.R.P :- Rs 630.00
  • Item Code :- GKR0410K
  • Net Wt. :- 10 Kg
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