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Bio NPK : Complete crop diet. Makes the soil more fertile for better yield.

G-NPK is a liquid inoculant containing culture of microorganisms - which is a very effective bio fertilizer and strengthens the plant.


*Has Nitrogen fixing, Azotobacter, P-solubilising and K solubilising
*The cultures are compatible and coexist and maintain a high CFU count throughout its storage.
*Stimulates photosynthesis process
*Inoculation with this product helps augment 25-30 kg N, 20-25 kg P2O5, and 15-20 kg K ha1
*A mixed bio-fertilizer, gives better impact.
*Keeps soil biologically/ active keeping soil health maintained.
G-NPK is eco-friendly. It is not harmful to humans, animals, or birds or to the environment.


Seed /Seedling Treatment: Apply G-NPK 4 -5mI/1 Kg seed/ seedling in 1 Litre of water and soak the seeds/seedling for 30 minutes. This can be mixed along with the other Biofertilizers & Biofungicides for seed/seedling treatment.

Soil Application: Mix G-NPK 250 ml in 25 Ltrs. water per 100 kgs of FYM or organic manure or Vermicompost and apply evenly in the soil near the root zones.

Foliar Spray: Dilute G-NPK 200 ml in 100 litre of water of dilute or @ 2 ml per litre of water and spray evenly over the foliage and on the soil near the root zones. Repeat the spray at 10 days. This can be mixed along with the other Biofertilizers & Biofungicides for spraying.

G-NPK can be applied through drip irrigation and any other irrigation system.


*Can be used for cereals, millets, pulses, vegetables, fiber and oil producing commercial crops, wheat, paddy.
*Suited for soils with pH in the range of 6.5 to 8.5

For Agricultural Use only
Entire content of the pack is to be used in one time.
Do not mix with bleaching powder or antibiotic, fungicides or weedicides and inorganic fertilizers. Apply 7-10 days prior to or after application of chemical fertilizers or fungicide or pesticide or insecticide.
Store it in a cool place & prevent it from direct sunlight.
SHELF LIFE : 1 Year from the date of manufacturing.

  • M.R.P :- Rs 810.00
  • Item Code :- GKR0201L
  • Net Wt. :- 1 L
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